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My Mission

     Sounds pretty werid huh? The word mission.   Sounds a bit radical doesn't it? Like I'm out to change the world or something. Well... I am.  There are a lot of people that would agree that the world is not a perfect place. I think we can all think of things that we believe should be changed.   Some people want world peace. Some want to end world hunger.  All those are good things but there are some other problems that are going unnoticed and growing worse every day. 
     Anyone who's been around for some time can see things are quite different from when they were children.  Sure there's a few things that have improved with time but human kind(ness) has changed drastically through the years.  While some people are worrying about starving children thousands of miles away, some of those same people are eating themselves to death.  Disease and many, many health related problems are on the rise while things like morals are declining.  Too many people just don't care about much of anything anymore.  People these days don't seem to want to take responsibility for themselves. It seems people want to live in a world where no one judges them... everything's ok and nothing is wrong. We're stuck in a society that preaches "acceptance" and tolerance.  I can accept any person and tolerate people as well, but there are things in life that are bad. We have to stop using phrases such as "what's wrong for you might not be wrong for me...". It's sayings like those that are decaying the moral fibers this great nation was founded on.
     Anyway, so to my mission... So many of us want to change the world. I dare say that wont happen unless you're up for some radical changes in your own life.  The first step for anyone to go out and change the world starts inside their own heart, their own mind, their own body.  If we can't take that first step and take a look inside ourselves and be the best that we can, then we'd be useless to the rest of the world that needs us so badly.
I'm on a mission to live a better life. I've been called upon by God to lead a different life. I believe all Christians have.  God has great plans for all of us and I believe he expects us all to live according to his will. 
     Ok, this might all sound confusing. I hope it doesn't but if it does, please browse through some of my pages, stop and think for a while, and even pray about it.  I understand there might be some visiting this page who are not Christians. I sure hope so anyway. There's sort of two parts to my mission in life.   I try to live my life in such a way that I can have an impact on people everywhere, Christian or not... But I also believe I have a calling to witness to Christians themselves as there is just as much moral decay in the church as there is in the rest of the world. It saddens me greatly.
     For those who are Christians and are browsing this page please do so with an open heart. If you feel at any point that I'm stepping on some toes, well, good. Toes need to be stepped on (figuratively of course).  For those that are not Christians I urge you to still take a look around.  There are simple changes that any person can make in their life that would just blow you away how much better you can feel both physically and mentally. 
While browsing these pages I hope that no one starts to think that I'm sitting here judging anyone or trying to say I'm better than anyone. God has put some extreme convictions in my life and I just have to share them with anyone I can.  I am in NO ways perfect. I just want to share things I've learned in life. Some things I may have or still be struggling with myself... but we can't give up hope. I pray that at least one person somewhere out there finds what I have to say somewhat useful.


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