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Healthy Choices

    Choices?  Yes choices.  Too many people today say they don't have time to do this or that. Our bodies, and the environment we live in are fairly tough, but not tough enough to handle the abuse we put them through each day.  This is only an opinion of mine, but it seems that most of the things we invent to make life better, one way or another makes some other part of life worse.  We create things to make life simpler. So many of those things we create end up having some negative effect on our bodies or our environment.  So many things, from cigarettes to disposable diapers, pose many risks to our own health, the people around us, and the environment.   It also seems that many things we come up with to fix things end up making things worse.  Prescription drugs for instance. We spend more time and money looking for cures and fixes to our daily problems instead of looking at possible causes and way to avoid such things.  It's getting so bad now that we try to make excuses for our daily problems. 
    I will say that a persons heredity or 'genes' do play some part in each individuals health, it goes way beyond that though. There is more to it than heredity.    I can't speak for every disease and health condition, but for many of todays problems herdity does nothing more than make someone likely to develop a problem.    There are many other factors that can affect that predisposition.  A person's diet, daily activities, and the environment they're exposed to all play a part.   I have a lot more to say on this subject that I will address in other sections of the site.  
   And to our environment... Just about everything we do has an impact on the environment.  A lot of people today have become numb to the effects... that is, everything we do, is simply that, what we do.  So many things have become a way of life, that's just how things are done.  It can be tough to step back and actually think about each thing that we do and how it impacts the environment.  One of the biggest problems is that everyone feels that there is nothing they can do.  We can't all stop driving cars or run off to live in a hut right?  While this is true, we are living in a society that is bent on technology and there really isn't an end to all of it, there are many, many things a person can do that help save the environment.    Somethings as simple as recycling.  A lot of people don't think it's a big deal.  There are some places where not enough people recycle and it ends up costing too much money to even run the recylcling plant.  If more people recycled it would mean more local jobs and less waste.  The benefits just go on and on. 
   There's also many natural alternatives to every day household products. But instead most people buy whatever is on tv that claims to be the best.  Most people don't read labels or think of the impact on your own body or the environment using those products might cause.
    I will get more into detail on all of these subjects and more in other sections. This is sort of a brief explanation of what I'm thinking about.


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