Friend of Foe?

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Friend of Foe?

Post by millipede » Sat Nov 03, 2018 12:11 pm

James 4:4,5
4 You adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world means enmity against God? Therefore, anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God. 5 Or do you think Scripture says without reason that he jealously longs for the spirit he has caused to dwell in us?

Those are not my words. This is what the bible says. Yet today, most Christians are trying to conform more and more with the world. It's getting so that when you speak biblical truth, fellow Christians will criticize you.

I've been watching some videos where Christian musicians are being accused of not being Christian and things of that nature. I don't like to use those words myself "you're not a Christian" but, most of the stuff they've been talking about is quite true.
When a "Christian" song is being played quite popularly on secular radio, it tells you just how much the real glory and honor in the song is not given to God...
One video I watched brought up Lauren Daigle... I actually like SOME of her music... but, she was on the ellen show and the secular world seems to LOVE her music... The person making the video said that, of course ellen loved the song because there was nothing offensive in it... and if a Christian song didn't have anything that the secular world found offensive, then it didn't have anything in it that could feed Christians. Only part of that video is on Daigle's appearance on ellen but, it's interesting. Christians can hear the song and interpret what it means to them and what she might have meant. But lots of atheists can listen to it and not hear that same message. And if ellen and the crowd LOVED the song, I'm guessing a biblical meaning was not expressed to the people.

I'm not going to say that EVERY Christian song needs to be a sermon to music... But if you have to use your imagination to figure out or assume what's being talked about, and if the secular world hears a totally different and inoffensive message... something might be wrong.
This isn't some bridge that is going to somehow witness to non-believers. But this is Christian music becoming more worldly. I hear it every day on the radio... there's at least three secular bands that play on our local Christian station because the members of the bands "believe" and, they're "good" songs. Self-proclaimed secular artists, demanding nobody call them Christian bands because they might lose followers... and still popular on Christian stations.
Watched a video on 11 things you should know about Lauren Daigle... it was a secular interview, of course... so, maybe it shouldn't be surprising that God wasn't mentioned and that all of her responses were quite worldly? Like discussing how great mardi gras is... answering a question about a genie granting you a wish. If there was a movie, who would you want to play you... her response was Jennifer Lawrence... because? Just because she's great or something? A lady who is a strong feminist and is an advocate for planned parenthood(according to wikipedia)? maybe it's just me but, I wouldn't want to discuss any person that's not a Christian playing me in a movie.
She boasted about her song being #3 on the secular billboard charts. (I really hate popularity contests anyway)
When asked who her musical inspirations were, they were ALL quite worldly artists.

another video I watched, Lauren Daigle repeatedly praised the POWER of music and not once gave glory to God. She almost bragged about one of her songs supposedly pulling many people back from the brink of suicide and she praised the power of music for that... literally. Imagine writing a song that saved lives and giving the credit to the power of music. [url]Watch the video if you dare.[/url] Now, keep in mind. I don't like the title or the level of negativity throughout parts of it. I don't have the audacity, authority, or right to declare that she's an "enemy" of God. BUT... watch the video and listen to the points being made throughout it. There's a lot of valid points in there.
She was literally at a celebration of evil music(ians) and, smiling like crazy, celebrating secular artists, some of which sing some HORRID and evil stuff. In the interviews after the awards, she had opportunities to speak about God. One lady asked her about Christian music and she did not engage in that discussion but continued to talk about the power of music... Same discussion, she talked about having fun and partying.

I still like a few of her songs but, this is a lot of mainstream Christian music today... especially anything that is popular in the Christian AND secular industries. In the comments for one of the videos... Christians were attacking Christians for "judging" Daigle. Was it really calling out bad behavior and judgment, or is it a defensive response to someone criticizing something they idolized? Could go either way.
But one person shared a thought that I thought was important and true...
"I don’t believe in christian ambassadors in secular media, they all end up blending instead of making a difference, they all change And i see it already in Lauren."
I see it too... Most musicians that try to play both scenes don't end up bringing people to Christ.
In fact, I had a friend that has/had a band that was going to be JUST Christian... nobody was allowed in unless they were Christian, etc... They started playing at clubs and such... ended up with a non-Christian guitarist... songs had less to do with God... and, a person that never swore(bad words) in conversation before now does it all the time.
We're to be in this world but not of it... that "in this world" gets tricky for people. People have this idea that Christians being in this world means getting down on their level and conforming them to help them. But, that's not how it works. When you try to blend in with them, MAYBE you'll be able to connect and reach someone... but chances are, the world is going to change you more than you them. And that's the truth.
Jesus said that the world hated Him... and if it hated Him, it would hate us.
So when "religious" leaders are loved by the world, their teaching and influence is often devoid of deep biblical truth.
The pope for instance... the world loves him because he teaches things that don't actually line up with scripture.
People like that intentionally water down scripture to supposedly "win" people... to get people to be more accepting of our "religion." Is that our job? Popularity? And if we're winning more people, why is church attendance not increasing? The only places where church attendance increases is in churches that don't really teach the whole truth of the bible. Only the churches that try to be cool and popular seem to grow today... and people pat themselves on the back, thinking they're doing a real service for the Kingdom...
Yet, more and more people are actually still falling away from the faith.
Does it do any good to "win" people and bring them into a building if we can't hold on to them? If we're not really teaching and feeding them?

The bible teaches _________
The world teaches _________
and more often than not, the two don't line up... and that's how it's supposed to be. Christians need to stop trying to blend the two teachings into something that serves neither side.

Do NOT conform to the patterns of this world... Did the church miss the memo?

Bottom line... music IS powerful... and, the music world is FULL of idolatry... even the Christian music... the top 20's... the who's who, who's doing what with their lives... autographs... there's a ton that is legit idol worship. Our society embraces it. We even have a tv show called American IDOL that most Christians I know LOVE... think about it. These people are idolized... and, to be honest, it's worse when it's Christians. Christians seem to get excited when there's someone famous they like that also happens to be a Christian. I've seen people praising someone and saying "and their' a Christian" when it didn't really matter a ton. They still weren't someone to look up to.
Mel Gibson has said some great stuff about Jesus... he's still a HORRIBLE role model in the films he's in... even today. Christians shouldn't idolize anyone... no human... but I think that's a human condition maybe... the longing to idolize mere humans.
Carrie Underwood once wrote a decent song... then moved back into secular music writing a song about keying her ex-boyfriend's(I believe) car. Many Christians still loved her and, well since she's said on tv she's a Christian, that makes it okay to look up to her. I'm sorry but, people who use their public stage to sing about damaging a person's vehicle out of spite should not be praised.

Please trust me when I say I'm not trying to nit pick, and not picking on Lauren. I watched a video basically demonizing Toby Mac a while ago. I, again, couldn't agree with the whole "they're not a Christian" kind of judgement but a lot of what they said was true. There's a TON of "hip hop" "christian" music that is devoid of meaning. I find it hard to call it "Christian" music when most people can't pick up on a real message. It's music... by a Christian... but, that doesn't make it Christian music.
With Toby Mac, something that definitely got my attention was how vain much of the industry is. It appears he has his own clothing line and if you visit his website, you'll find TONS of stuff having to do with that but, no actual message about Jesus or salvation.
Learning that(going to the site and poking around myself) struck me... and convicted me a little as well. I write so much about the bible on this site, I don't really feel like I'm failing as a Christian voice on the internet. But, this has caused me to realize that, I really need to have something here dedicated to actually witnessing and trying to lead people to Christ. That's not the whole goal of this website but, it would be wrong if it wasn't part of that. So, I'll be working on that soon. :)

Anyway..... I still love some of Lauren's songs... and Toby Mac's as well. Singing to God that I will trust Him even when He isn't doing what I want Him to do..."When you don't move the mountain....." there are a LOT of good Christian, even contemporary, songs out there... I can't hate the whole industry... well, I can think what I want of the industry and still enjoy good and meaningful songs when I hear them.
My biggest problem in all of this is how mixed up it all is. When I put on a Christian station and hear a secular song... it's a tad frustrating.

My purpose on this planet isn't to be myself, fit in, have fun, etc... it's to serve God. While I fail daily, it's my life's purpose. God calls us to NOT conform to this world... but, Christians are good at blending in.
If a Christian doesn't, at least once in a while, feel all alone and persecuted... I have to wonder what they actually believe and if they're living it.
It saddens me greatly when Christian music seems to be nothing more than just another worldly popularity contest.
Music is such a POWERFUL force... few can deny it. Christians that choose to use that as a career have a responsibility to use that for God's glory, not their own. They are leaders in today's world. MILLIONS of people look to them... for entertainment mostly for some, maybe... but, it's still an authority figure kind of thing.
Eyes are on you too my friends... maybe not millions... but to those "famous" people and to each of you... people are watching. Are people being led to have fun and just dance? (shake shake shake?) or, is God being glorified? Are people being taught, reached, healed, ministered to?

I take all of this too seriously? I am truly sorry if I offend anyone with my strong beliefs. But, I'm not sorry for my beliefs. My salvation... my LIFE was so important to God that, he let His son die for me... Open up the bibles... it's a serious thing. It's not a pleasure cruise... it's not a club to have fun in... and it's definitely not simple fire insurance. I owe God my life. It IS that serious. And it should be.
Again... I still like some of that music... but, it's our responsibility to be vigilant and watchful... and not be led astray by empty words.
There's a popularity contest going on today and the church seems to be trying to be a part of it by altering God's message to make it all sound sweeter.
I must say... God's word is His... and when we mess with that, even if our hearts are in a "good" place... we're not doing God's work. In fact, we are interfering with it. We have no authority to change, alter, and omit parts of God's word because it doesn't fit with the world today.
Who are we serving? Who are we trying to please?
If the world LOVES us... I dare say we're doing something wrong. Our goal isn't to offend but... it isn't to please or to conform. Our goal should be truth.
Friend of Foe? We cannot be lovers of this world and serve God. It just doesn't work that way. And that's not my words.
Oh way too many thoughts on this today. I hope I didn't make anyone's head spin.

Dear God, I pray that anyone reading this will hear my heart and your truth. I pray that people's eyes will be opened and hearts will be softened to you. I pray that people would seek your truth and your teaching daily. And I pray that all the people that are out there doing your work will continuously look back and measure all they do to you. I pray that you will be served in all they do, and in all I do.

"But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee:"
- Job 12:7