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This forum is to discuss the online game SecondLife
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Please read before posting

Post by millipede » Thu Apr 30, 2009 11:41 am

First of all, some of you might be asking what second life is. In short, it is a game. But it is more than that. It is a virtual world. Tens of thousands of members log in each day from all around the world. You have a character called an avatar. You can change the appearance of your avatar. In this virtual world, people buy, sell, create, gather, and more. Some people make real money in the game. Some people simply spend money. This virtual world has its own economy. To read more about Second Life you can go to their about page:

Within Second Life there are many lands you can go to. People can create groups about anything they'd like.
There are many Christians in second life and that is why I have this open for discussion here. Some landowners have Christian lands. Some have Christian groups. Withing these groups and lands, you can find bible studies, prayer meetings, and more. As odd as it might seem... being just a game... I have seen people brought to Christ in Second Life.
Anyway, Backyard Fellowship has a group in second life. And there are many, many christian groups there. So, I thought I might create a section of the site to talk about second life.
Feel free to talk about your Christian groups, your favorite Christian places, etc... or even just second life as a whole. Just remember this is a Christian site so keep it clean.

For anyone that is in second life already and wants to look me up, my avatar is millipede Luminos

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