sports 2012

From paintball to frisbee golf, feel free to share your outdoor sports with us...
(and maybe a little exercise)
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sports 2012

Post by millipede » Wed Jan 11, 2012 2:29 pm

In the last few months we bought a soccer ball, a basketball, a few hula hoops for the kids, and two tennis rackets for my wife and I. We're hoping to get a little more active than we've been.
Plain old exercise, to me, is boring and hard to do regularly. I have motivational problems as it is... Oh, we also got wii fit and, well... we've used it a few times.
I think sports... having some goal and purpose and doing something fun is the best way to get your exercise in.
We plan on trying tennis here and there but it's difficult sometimes with four kids to watch at the same time. Once springtime comes around we'll likely get a badminton set... maybe horseshoes or something as well...
Anyway... I like to watch sports as well but it's not as fun as playing them.

We take our kids to the park now and then and I end up running around and going down the slides and stuff just as much as the kids do.

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