some paintings

Want to show off some of your creative works? Paintings, sculptures, and more. Share your art with the world.
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some paintings

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Since this section is empty, I need to put something here. Maybe some day I'll get my kids to join or I'll simply share some of their work. I have some talented kids...
Somewhere around 15 years ago(ish), I painted these pictures for family. Not stuff I was interested in but, stuff they were.

Bethlehem at night... I'm not really proud of this one. There's nothing like starting to draw or paint something and then think "I really don't know how to do this." Painting a city at night is not in my current skill set. Of course, I'm not really a practiced artist. Wish I took more time with it. :( Don't think it still would glow but I used glow in the dark paint for some of it.

Have a brother that liked mr magoo as a kid... so, that's what I painted for him for his kids. Don't really know if it was appreciated or not.

Had a sister that loved Raggedy Ann and Andy and, decorated with it for her kids at one point. So that's what I painted for them.

Had a nephew that liked spongebob... I never found that show interesting enough to sit down and watch but, it was something to paint...

Last one is my favorite. Have a sister that loves giraffes and even though, in my opinion, this is the prettiest picture of the bunch... being a silhouette, it was also one of the easier ones to do.

Anyway... now this section isn't empty anymore. I'm just linking to my album on facebook so if the links break or something I'll have to upload them another way.

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