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more crazy weather

Posted: Fri May 27, 2011 6:24 pm
by millipede
This year has been interesting, that is for certain. Earlier this year we got LOTS more snow than normal. We got more than we get in a year, during about a week. One storm gave us 24.5 inches, in less than a day... maybe even half a day.

Then, rain... We've had some major flooding this year. I've lost track of which storms had how many inches but, we're above normal that's for sure. I've seen the Illinois river rise and fall 10 feet or more in a day, several times this year. My neighbor says she's never seen it like this and she's been here a lot longer than we have.
Just this past Monday, we got about 5 inches and it flooded things bad enough to sweep a car away, just a couple miles from here. There were search crews and a helicopter in my neighborhood the next day. The people in the car unfortunately did not survive. :(

There's also been a lot of severe weather this year. Where I live is heavily wooded and VERY hilly. The bad storms always seem to go north of us, south of us, or fall apart as they get close enough. A bad storm could happen here some day but so far, I think the terrain has helped a LOT.
Please pray for all those that have been affected by the severe weather this year.

Early Monday before it started raining, I was out with my two oldest girls just exploring. We drove a couple miles out into Oklahoma and walked around a creek. After a while, it was getting a little darker and I decided we might want to head back before we get poured on. So, we started driving. We drove a different way and took our time enjoying the scenery. Lots of interesting wildflowers to look at. Then at one point I looked up at the clouds and they were just bubbling, or something. They were rolling up and down, this way and that. Very cool to watch. At this point, it wasn't even raining out, and no sign of thunder and lightning either. Just clouds.
One set of clouds was rolling sort of in a backwards motion... kind of like a log rolling, not side to side... except it was rolling back away from the direction it was going. It was getting a little lower and I thought, that's almost like a funnel cloud... So, I took a video of it. now I don't know if this was actually a funnel, I'm not a weather expert... but, there was some rotation and some lowering... so to me, it was... and we were so close to it. Part of me wishes it dropped more, I think severe weather is AWESOME(minus the damage) but we were so close, I sure didn't want a tornado dropping down.
Anyway... here's the video of it.
Was listening to KLRC, don't mind the music... :)