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Posted: Sun Sep 28, 2008 9:27 am
by millipede
Well, I am excited. Things are finally cooling down quite nicely around here. It's beautiful. I don't need the AC on and it just feels great.
The birds are starting to get together and prepare for migrating... Some leaves are just starting to turn color a little.

Winter is just around the corner... and it will be colder, I'll need the heat on, etc.. but, Winter has it's own benefits too. IF we get a little snow I can sled. I get to start putting seed in the feeder so I can see birds right by the house some more...
Maybe more people will be indoors and spend more time at my site. :D

And, if every day of every month was the same, as far as weather goes, things would be boring and we really wouldn't be able to REALLY appreciate the things we like about each season. Anyway, I'm grateful for them. :D