caves and fossils...

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caves and fossils...

Post by millipede » Mon Sep 02, 2013 8:30 pm

I thought I had this posted somewhere on this site at one point in time but I can't find it anywhere. Oh well...

Years back when we had just one child(we now have 4) we went on a camping trip near the Buffalo National River here in Arkansas. We found a place that had a hiking trail and a cave at the end. It was nice. Rather than walk along the marked trail, we followed the dry(ish) creek bed up. I'm glad we did that. There were places that it was obvious, people went to and across the dry creek bed often. There was one big bluff/overhang type thing that was awesome. I have more pictures somewhere but, likely on another hard drive.
Anyway... along the walk up the dry creek bed, there were other small caves and crevices. I really enjoyed the variety. The main "feature" at this place was the cave at the end of the trail. It's just a little intimidating that the entrance to the cave is only a few feed away from a fairly high drop... Inside, there's a little room to walk around and such but you have to squeeze and even crawl a little to get to the main room in the back of this cave. When you get back there it is PITCH black. Cannot see a thing. Flashlights and/or headlamps are needed here. Once inside that DARK room... after all the squeezing and crawling... you're in a spacious room with a 30 foot waterfall. I wish I had the climbing gear and training to get up to the top of the waterfall and see if there is anywhere else to go. I don't imagine many people have ever tried it. I'd sure like to find out.
As fun as all that is... it wasn't exactly my favorite part.
Amid the caves and crevices that are alongside the dry creek bed is a small cave where you can ALMOST stand up at the beginning... and just inside is a running creek that you HAVE to crawl through. I REALLY want to go back and explore that again some day. The water is chilly and it is moving but it isn't too deep. I believe Mid summer when it's hot and dry would be a good time to go back. I wouldn't want to explore when there's TOO much water flowing.
Anyway... I've been there at least 3 times and I went into that cave each time. First time, I don't recall how far in I went. Second time I went in with my nephew and sister and we went in about 100 feet before we stopped and went back. I'm not sure how far it went but we didn't see the end of it. It's rough on your knees doing all that crawling.. Perhaps if I go back someday I will have to take that into consideration.
The last time I went the water in that cave was a bit more low. You could see the smooth rock surface below the shallow water.
It was awesome enough to find a nice cave salamander in there but I also found something I had never seen before and wish I could have carved out and brought home. :)
Check it out below... I've since seen bits like that in rocks in other places but this was part of the cave/hill/mountain. There's a bit of beauty in something like that to me.

Hopefully I can plan another trip out there some day soon. :)
If I do, I'll be sure to get more pictures.
Just realized I had two more pictures... One being of a salamander found in that very cave...

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