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cash back for shopping...

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Wow, that sounds like spam doesn't it? Well, it isn't. (scroll past my ramblings if you want to see what this is all about)

There are many ways to save and even earn money while shopping. I've watched people do this sort of thing for years. Sometimes it was good, sometimes it wasn't. And by wasn't, I mean that some people dive in too deeply. There are ways to "earn" money that can end up taking up way too much of your time, especially if you have anything of an addictive personality.
So, for quite a while I was not so interested in this sort of thing. BUT, if you just buy things you'd normally buy and don't get too invested with time, you can save some money while buying things you're already buying.

How? There are many ways but the ones I'm trying out right now and look to be worth my time are Ibotta and Fetch Rewards.

Ibotta is something you can use from a phone or computer. If shopping in person, the phone app is best. If online, it doesn't matter.
The app is free. I opened the app and clicked on walmart in store. I was shopping in person, not online. Then I scroll through(and you can look by product types or even do a search) and select(seems you have to select them to get the deals, so it says) the items you want. Then you go to the store and buy them.
Some deals don't work(I've heard) but sometimes people just have the wrong product. I was going to try the Rediwhip deal and it didn't work because it was for a 14oz can and all they had at walmart was a 13oz can. Oh well. So, I scanned the item with my phone(in the app) while at the store and it told me it wasn't the right product. Most products confirm they're the right ones(if they're the right ones) quickly.
After you buy the products you scan the bar code on the receipt. That's it. It finds which products you got and applies the cash back shortly.
Why am I talking about this?
1. If you are new to it and use my referral code to sign up, we both get an added bonus... So there's that... ... de=rfghybt <<<<<<< just click that to sign up
2. It works. You're not going to get huge amounts every time but my first time to the store also gave me an extra $20 for hitting some mark for new members. $15 back on the items I bought, which I was going to buy anyway(for the most part)
If you pick items you weren't going to get or don't normally use... it's possible that the cash back isn't going to outweigh the extra money you spent. But if you're careful and buy things you'd normally buy anyway, a little cash back here and there is pretty good.
If you link your facebook account you'll join any friends using the app as teammates and there are goals you can reach and get even more back.

Fetch Rewards hasn't given me as much back but, I'm being lazy with it... which is really the only reason I'm using it. You can use the app to FIND deals... Or, like me, you can just take a photo(s) of your receipt from grocery shopping(and supposedly restaurants) and it applies any deals it has.
With just 3 receipts I've made between 4 and 5 dollars. Some of that was bonuses I think but, I literally did no research and made no effort to find the deals. I just bought the stuff I was going to and took photos of the receipts. You have to get the WHOLE receipt in, even if it takes 3 pictures... But, that was it. And this was using the same receipts I used for the Ibotta rewards.
A little here and there for just taking pictures of your receipt? Why not? ... code=GR5M6 <<<<<<<<Click here to sign up to Fetch rewards. you'll get 2000 points($2) after you scan your first receipt... I get a bonus too I believe.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.

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