History: A must read...

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History: A must read...

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(you absolutely NEED to read this til the end)
I just watched, and participated in, a conversation about guns and history. I have conservative friends(Dear liberals, don't stop reading because of that) that like to post on facebook about not letting the government take our guns away.
As has happened many times before, someone suggested that our government would NEVER do that. That would never happen and never has. Wait, never has? A few examples were given. The argument then was that we needed to focus on "modern" times not the past.

I'll be honest with you... in school, the subject of history was BORING to me. I found no interest in it and I don't remember it all. :( But a saying I learned a LONG time ago, many of you know it... Those who don't study history are doomed to repeat it.

I find it interesting that anyone today(focusing on modern times) would ever dare to say "our government would NEVER do that." Are we looking at the same government? Left and right, things happen every day that shock someone out there.
Honestly, this person was arguing because their side has been trained to argue that topic. Both sides have been trained to argue topics. Nobody is going door to door taking guns away so that automatically means, that will never happen. That's such a weird argument.

The bible itself says there is nothing new under the sun. Many people understand that what was will be again. IF you look at history, in most societies you'll see patterns... or, cycles. Countries go through different phases and then back around again.
The idea that our government would never try to take our guns away is naive at best. I'd like to blame the politicians for pulling the wool over people's eyes(on both sides) but, part of the blame lies on the people that are so focused on your side vs mine, they actually CHOOSE not to think through things rationally and from more than one perspective. But that's another story...

I don't really care how you personally feel about guns. I don't love them and don't own anything bigger than a BB gun. But there are legit reasons why "the people" need to be armed and it's something that our founding fathers understood in ways you could only imagine. Very few things(posessions) were written as "rights" for the citizens of the United States of America. Those men found this one vital enough to include it. This wasn't about a right to have fun or hunt or even just to protect their families from strangers. These men have seen corrupt government's hostile acts towards people. If you look around the globe(the internet helps) you will see such corrupt governments wiping out entire populations of unarmed citizens. But, that would NEVER happen here right?
I don't know how anyone could make such a claim. There is SO much that happens today that nobody would have imaged just 20 years ago. History repeats itself, especially when people are complacent.

To not make this longer I'm going to close this with a final thought that is both humorous and, I hope, makes a valid point.
For all of those that think ANY aspect of history could never be repeated again... How do you explain ANY styles from the 80's repeating themselves?
Well I found that thought humorous anyway.
People decide a certain style is cool and everyone loves it. Then, it's not cool and you now know better than to ever dress like that again. Yet, things keep changing and we get back to it again. You accept something is cool. Then you agree that it's not cool. Then if you're told it's cool again, you suddenly like it again.
In all honesty, you'd be surprised what is possible even in our modern society today. People are taught what to believe and how to believe it. Entire populations are manipulated. There are a LOT of ideas that are popular and widely accepts today that would seem INSANE to people 100 years ago. And we think because we're in the "modern" times, we're always right. You'd be surprised at what they teach you is "right" next. Well, you wont be surprised because people are eased into ideas without realizing it's happening... it's called conditioning... but that's another story as well
History, my friends, should never be ignored.
And you can NEVER declare what our government would or would not ever do. Both the past and the present prove this.
Peace my friends...

"But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee:"
- Job 12:7