Don't watch FOX News...

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Don't watch FOX News...

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I'll be honest, I chuckle to myself EVERY single time I hear or read this phrase.

Wait, why would I chuckle over such a phrase? MOST(and I do mean MOST) of the people that repeat that are acting as mindless as they think the people they are criticizing are. Yes, I mean that.

When we USE a phrase like that, we're attacking people based on beliefs... yes, beliefs. 99.99% of the people repeating that sentence are not speaking about something they actually know and have studied... and they're saying "hey, you're an idiot... EVERYTHING on FOX is a lie, you can't trust ANY of it..."
and none of that is sound and true. Not a bit. FOX news(for the record, I don't get that channel nor to I watch much news at all) is not 100% balogna. It just isn't. And MUCH of the stuff that the left will tell you is lies is all just opinion... spin... biases and PERCEPTION....

Lots of thoughts here... I'll try to be brief but I might be a little all over the place.

The most humorous thing about these statements are when they're being USED against someone to attack or criticize them. I've had people TELL me to stop watching fox news even though I've NEVER watched it. Actually, that's not even the funniest part. The real funny part is that 99% of the people repeating that phrase have never watched Fox news themselves. Quite literally, people are just reading and hearing stuff online and from their friends and then, BLINDLY repeating it. People that literally have not read ANY stories from Fox News will STILL make fun of you for watching it(whether or not you ever have.) Think about that. How can you have the nerve to laugh at people while blindly repeating stuff you know nothing about? Does that make sense?

Today, in this "modern" and "educated" world, sadly it does. People react more with their feelings today than any amount of logic, reason, or facts.
That reminds me of Tom Brady from the New England Patriots. If merely mentioning that name brought up ugly feelings inside of you, I'm talking about you and comparing those biased and uneducated feelings to how people view politics today...,
You see... people already hated the patriots... not for anything bad, just because it wasn't their team and they were doing really good. We all have teams we hate, without questioning why. I was literally brought up in a world where you have to HATE the yankees... because....... something to do with Babe Ruth? or? their rivalry(not mine)? Or...? It's blind hate. there's a lot of that going around.

So, people already love their own teams and didn't like the patriots. Then we hear this story about underinflated footballs... Somehow that got turned into the BIGGEST scandal in the world. I mean, WOW were people upset. Doesn't matter that those footballs didn't influence the game... in fact, the Patriots played poorly with underinflated footballs and totally kicked butt in the second half when the refs were in charge of the footballs. That doesn't matter. Doesn't matter that underinflated balls didn't help them win, not even a little...
It also doesn't matter that after LONG investigation... (I mean, this was all over the news and was treated like a murder investigation)
After all of that... they came out and said they could not PROVE that Brady had any knowledge of it. None... NO evidence. But, he was still punished and, people still hate him for that incident. I mean, it's literally just one more thing to be upset about when the real pain and frustration is that their team isn't as good. (no offense anyone, but there's at least a LITTLE truth there... people hate)

And this is how we treat politics today. We don't need evidence. We don't need experience. I don't have to have watched Fox News, or studied it, compared their stories, researched the "facts" myself... I don't need to know anything about it if my political party TELLS me that Fox is bad, it must be... and therefore, anyone that watches it must be an idiot right? And EVERY single story on there can't be trusted right?

Wow... talk about ignorant. And many of these people believe the news they are watching is actually honest and truthful???
We're literally living in this world where Fox News might have the right story and if you're a liberal, you'll hear it as a lie without weighing ANY evidence... in fact, you might even believe the lies of another station, just because.
BOTH "parties" are guilty of this...
VERY little of it is outright lies but, there's plenty of spin going on.
When Obama shut down the government......(that stir anything up?)
if you were watching Fox, chances are the headline was just that... Obama was to blame. But if you were watching CNN or a more liberal news source... no, it was those pesky republicans that wouldn't bend to Obama's demands.
If you're a liberal, you might take offense to this thought here... and, you might still want to put ALL the blame on the republicans... but, what happened when Trump shut down the government... This time it was the president's fault and not the liberals that were blocking what he wanted.
It was literally the same situation... The only difference is that obama got his way and trump didn't but if you're a liberal, chances are you can still only find fault in the conservative's side of either story... Two identical stories where the roles are reversed yet, who you blame relies completely on what party you're affiliated with.
Think about that.

If you hate or don't trust Fox News... why is that?How many hours have you spent watching that channel yourself? If none, do you feel qualified to repeat that phrase still? It's rhetoric or propaganda... it's not based on anything you actually KNOW... it's based on what your party has trained you to believe.
I don't watch Fox news enough to say a ton in their defense but I can say that all the stories I've ever seen people argue about, there was no clear "they're lying" going on... merely, biased opinions being shared about situations.

People today are horrible at this. If I support having a border wall, I'll be labeled a racist by many people... even though that's SO far from reality. News headlines are just as ignorantly ugly today. The headline will say one thing but the story says another. People INTERPRET what they see and then share it as fact. Fox News is not alone in any guilt they might have for this sort of thing. Fox News doesn't generally purposely come up with lies to tell. They report the news the way they see it. So do the other news stations. Fox is only picked on by liberals because the spin Fox uses isn't liberal spin. It's honestly THAT simple.

To sum this all up... some important things you need to remember...

1. Stop making fun of people for watching Fox(ESPECIALLY if you don't even know if they do... I mean, think about that) Many of the people that watch that channel are smarter than you. So, you might want to be careful. What people believe(politically) has nothing to do with their intelligence OR how nice or evil a person is. Aren't we a society that isn't supposed to make fun of people anyway???
2. IF Fox News says ________, stop assuming that it has to be a lie without even thinking about it. That's PURE ignorance and hate right there.
3. Be VERY careful not to hate something SO much that you then trust EVERYTHING you hear that fits your own beliefs and agenda. This is something a lot of people do today. That side says _____ so I can't believe it... and my side says ______ so it MUST be true.
4. Try to understand that this world is different... I mean, we seem to be embracing the word "diversity" today. So, embrace it. You believe one thing, I believe another. Deal with it. Right?We don't have to look at each other SO differently because of this. We're all still humans.

Honestly... what do you actually know about Fox News? From your own research and time spent listening to any of it... through UNBIASED ears??? Is that possible today?
In the end... Like Fox, hate it, or simply say "meh" and not care... but stop using that as a weapon to attack people with. Stop judging people in that way. You're NOT as smart and "right" as you think you are. Nobody is. Attempt a little humility.

I don't watch or endorse fox news simply because I don't watch a lot of news. So, try not to hate me for writing this up. Try to read(and re-read) this with an open mind/heart.
Or maybe I need to watch more of that news where the weathermen are being blown around by the wind??? Maybe that's trustworthy news?
In all seriousness... can you imagine if I took that ONE story(you know, where the reporter was acting like he could barely stand up while people behind him were unphased by the wind..., literally faking a scene) can you imagine if I then said that EVERYTHING that station said and did was a lie?
But, that's how many people(on both sides) view news sources. This one said ____ and I don't agree with that so, I can't trust ANYTHING they say ever again.
Okay... stick your head in the sand and blindly trust your own biased media if that makes you feel better. I hope you'll open your eyes to the fact that your news sources also spin stories and the source you don't like are actually right more often than you can imagine. But for now, I hope you can open your eyes to the fact that we're all humans and should treat each other with a little more respect. We need to stop hating each other and mocking each other based on something like Fox news. How is that a weapon? How is it that people would choose to use that as a weapon? Why are we at each other's throats? when will it end? Is there any hope?
I hope something changes and, it can start with YOU. Stop spitting out the mindless rhetoric that we're being fed every day. Put an end to the spread of ignorant hate. That starts by YOU not saying things that you're not actually educated on. We all need to be more mindful of what we say... and what we believe.

Oh too many thoughts. I hope it reaches someone out there though. Or maybe people think I'm nuts so nothing I say can be taken seriously now... That is how this all seems to work. can't listen to that guy or girl or that group or news or politician because _______.
There's a LOT of good truth out there... LOTS we can all learn even from sources we don't WANT to trust. Do we really choose ignorance? Purposely?
Ignorance is NOT bliss in today's political climate... not unless your ignorance is simply not caring what other people believe and loving EVERYONE no matter what. Lots of people wish for that and preach that but few are capable of managing that.

Watch fox news(hey, educate yourself to what you hate) or, don't watch it... I honestly don't care who watches was news. It's not like fox news is actually responsible for what people end up believing. People are already leaning one way or another. People on both sides are more apt to believe what is already believed by their party... You can mock the people in the other party that does that all day long but, the masses in your party are just as guilty... you just don't see it because you're a part of it and somehow think your news sources are immune to biases and spin and such. But, it's there... trust me.
Love it, hate it, care or not, just please... STOP talking to people like this. It's a silly and weak tool to try and win a discussion or argument. Rather than say "oh, you probably got that from ____ news" how about you be a little braver and calmly and respectfully ACTUALLY discuss the topic, whatever it may be? "Oh, you want a wall... that means ________." No. How about we sit and talk about the pros and cons and about why a person might actually THINK that way on their own??? Can we do that today? We REALLY need to try.

I HATE politics... I hate what it does to people. More than that, I hate that people ALLOW it to do that to them and in fact embrace it. This world is divided and we are all a part of that. We need to make more efforts to change that. Somehow...

Peace my friends...

"But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee:"
- Job 12:7