The complacent Christian

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The complacent Christian

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The ways of this world are wicked and corrupt.

I think many people understand that, if they think about it. Why then are so SO many Christians conforming to this world? Why are so few out there striving with all their might to live better?
The bible compares our lives to running a race sometimes. Are we running that race? Running a race takes hard work and perseverance. I often feel like today's Christian looks more like a couch potato. :(
These days I feel that most Christians have given in to some PERCEIVED idea that, well, all that goes on in the world, all the evil that people do, it's all just normal stuff and God doesn't care. The church is becoming complacent in their faith. How? Why? Are people honestly just not reading God's word or something?
What in the bible leads anyone to believe that we ought to go on living our lives in a way where we blend in with EVERYONE else? Show me where the bible describes us living that way.

I think for many that PROFESS to be Christians today... being a Christian is what some would call "fire insurance." Actually >>Here's some song lyrics<< that use that phrase quite accurately.

That's the way many Christians live today. You even have actual pastors, leaders of big churches that are teaching lies and omitting SO much of what the bible calls us to. You have pastors telling you that it doesn't matter what you do in life, God loves you and you're going to heaven.

God calls us to repent. No, not them... you and I.
There were prophets in the old testament that went around spreading specific messages from God to specific people. Later on in the bible, as the bulk of God's messages had been given, the messages changed to people IN the church preaching to people IN the church. Paul, in the New Testament, writes that Christians are called to correct each other. And when someone is living in sin, people should go to them and correct them... and if those people don't turn from those ways, we're told to kick them out.
We don't do that in churches these days. In fact, we're utterly afraid to even call someone out on their sin today. There are certain christian sects that we like to call "cults" that adhere to those practices. Shunning, that is. But, we don't like that idea. It doesn't show love... or, perhaps, it's because every single one of us probably deserves to be shunned?

I'll urge people to read the story of the prodigal son and consider how much they can relate to that young man. The prodigal son is something I wrote about once...
I think the prodigal son is a perfect example of today's complacent Christian and the idea of complacency within the church. That young man wanted his inheritance and then, wanted nothing else to do with his father. Many Christians today live the same way. They want their inheritance(heaven) and then want to go live out in this sinful world to where they may end up feeding on pig slop.

I have no idea why I woke up thinking about these things today. It was just the first thing on my mind. And the words were flowing so steadily I just had to get up and start writing them down.
We live in a wicked and corrupt world and Christians NEED to repent and STOP conforming to those wicked ways.
Today, Christians don't look like different people. They blend in. Even though the bible demands that we don't. The bible warns against conformity and yet, that's human nature and I fear most Christians have given in to human nature and have simply chosen to go with the flow.
When comparing Christians to atheists you see little to no difference in how much they swear, drink, lust, cheat, lie, gossip, slander, and on and on and on. The divorce rate among Christians is NO different than among those that don't profess a faith.
That should be utterly shocking. That should shake you to your core. Are we different? We are called to be so, where have we gone wrong?

The bible demands that we REPENT... many Christians don't like that word today but, open up that good book and READ. It's in there.
There's a verse many Christians know and love...

2 Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Who do you think God is talking to here? I've heard lots and lots of people quote this scripture and attempt to assign it to the godless people of this earth... if only the United States would all become Christian, we'd solve all our problems.
This verse wasn't written for people like the godless people of the US(or elsewhere) but more for the people in the US(and elsewhere) that raise their hands and say "I believe" but then go on living an unbeliever's life. Those words were spoken to you and me and to every believer. WE are the ones that need to turn from our wicked ways.

I could write about so many different stories in the bible that could apply here. Jonah was given an order to go do something and, what happened to him when he turned from that?
WE... You and I... WE ALL are told a LOT of stuff in the bible that we turn from on a daily basis. It really is no wonder that we don't look or act any differently than the world dose...
And, we suffer the same frustrations and fate the world does.

My friends... when we obey God's word, we glorify Him. Think again on a father/son relationship. Imagine a child that has grown up to be EVERYTHING their parent ever wanted and learns ALL the lessons he was taught. The child grows up to be respectful and respectable, kind, compassionate, loving... it does their parents proud. God looks on us the same way. How we live is a reflection of Him... or at least it ought to be. We GLORIFY God when we obey His word.
But, like a parent's wisdom for their children, God's word isn't to teach us JUST so people will see us and think "Wow, God is awesome..."
(side note: I once went and put someone's shopping cart away for them at walmart and they said to me "your mother taught you well." What I did made my mom look good that day but, it did so much more than that. It showed that lady my mother's kindness. But, it also helped that woman and, helped me in ways... I've become a better person for CHOOSING to live some of those lessons my mom taught and becoming a better person will inevitably make my life a bit easier than if I chose to be selfish.)
God's word, like a parent's, is to guide us in such a way that would make our lives BETTER.
Life is easier for a child if they can learn from their parents to look both ways before crossing... don't play with matches... don't run with scissors... life's not fair... and a million other wise lessons our parents TRIED to teach us. When we learn from them, we avoid a lot of hardships.
When we rebel, we literally choose a harder life for ourselves.

That's how it is with Christians today. We rebel against SO much of what God's word teaches us. We've become experts on which "sins" are actually sins and which things aren't a big deal. Smoking? nah, nobody can tell ME what to do. I'm fine. Swearing? It's JUST words, they don't mean anything. (Not so true, at all) We've adopted WORLDLY teaching that teaches us that we don't have to worry. God LOVES us(of course He does) and doesn't care how we live our lives as long as we love Him, and others. talk about twisted scripture. People, even some churches, have taken a passage that mentions the two most important things for us to follow and somehow we've got masses of people believing that those two things are ALL that matters.
I once wrote on the ten commandments and how every one of them was a reflection of love. If we were to disobey any of those teachings we'd be FAILING at loving God and other people.

God's love for us isn't some get out of jail free card that allows us to become wicked and corrupt like the world and somehow avoid judgement. God's love is there to help us to live better lives TODAY. Why aren't we learning from His teachings and striving to do better?
God said that we should be HOLY as He is Holy... obviously we can't be as Holy as God while living in this sinful earth but, He DEMANDS that we strive for such. For HIS glory and for our sanity and peace. He knows what's best for us and yet, we continue to rebel. The church today is a rebellious teenager. We want to raise our hands and say "hey, down here, I want to go to heaven... thanks" and then, walk away. Like that prodigal son, we want to then walk away and live like the pagans do. We purposely CHOOSE to not study and obey God's word. Why?

I could go on here. Lots of thoughts swirling around my head. But, I want you to think of all the valuable life lessons(even the cliche ones) that your parents taught you and how many of them actually helped you in your life today. Then, apply that same reasoning to God's word. It is there to guide you to a better life today. Will you accept that or continue to rebel? Will you continue to be that complacent Christian that chooses to go on conforming to this world hoping that God will still continue to love you and protect you?

My friends... you are standing, right now, at the edge of a VERY busy street. I hope you remember to look both ways before crossing. I hope you'll apply that to your life today.

IF... IF we could apply more of God's word to our lives... in a perfect world, the divorce rate among Christians would be ZERO... murder, gossip, lung cancer from smoking, overdoses, suicide, and a LOT of other things would be ZERO. In this imperfect world we live in, it will never be ZERO... but, how can we justify those types of things looking exactly the same whether we're looking at Christians or not? How?
Like a rebellious child, God's love cannot protect us from the poor decisions we make, on purpose. How can we avoid those poor decisions? By studying God's word... knowing it and living it. We'll still make mistakes but, we(the church) really ought to look different than this wicked and corrupt world we're living in. The world is becoming MORE wicked and corrupt than ever before and the church seems to be following right along beside it.
Something is most definitely not right here and we should be alarmed and should be anxious to do better.
We need to stop being complacent Christians.

Are you conforming to this world we live in? Or are you allowing God's word to transform your mind? That cannot happen if you're not faithfully studying those words. I often feel like the guy from Reading Rainbow that says "you don't have to take my word for it..." I don't want to preach messages and have people choose whether or not to believe me. In fact, I don't care if people read ANYTHING else I say if they'd just hear this... Learn and live God's word. Don't be led astray by the world... but, you WILL be led astray by this world if you're not studying God's word faithfully. It's all in there. You honestly don't have to take my word for it. Not just the token verses... the passages that sound like something from a fortune cookie... but ALL of it. Learn it... Live it. That is my greatest wish for all Christians today.

Dear God, I pray that you would find a way to reach your children today. I pray that you'd use me and others to help guide the church back to your word. I pray that you'd soften hearts and awaken the church to your wisdom. I pray that your people would turn from their wicked ways and seek your truth. Help us to not be complacent, Lord. Help us to leave the childish ways of the world behind us and seek to grow in You. I pray that we will continue to allow your word to guide us in the ways that are right, and true, and pure.

"But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee:"
- Job 12:7