Be excellent to each other... and...

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Be excellent to each other... and...

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party on dudes?

Some of you may be familiar with that quote. It's from the movie Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.
In the movie, two seemingly unintelligent high school students travel back in time, thanks to a time machine brought to them from the future, in order to work on a history project that is their only hope of passing... if they fail the class, one of the teens would then be sent to military school and their "band" would never form and, well that was a big deal. You see, people in the future sent the time machine to them to help them because their music(because music fixes everything?) supposedly brought peace to the universe, ended world hunger, etc etc...

Last time I watched that movie I remember thinking about the whole plot, or at least the sequence of events and how it was completely irrational. The idea that their music would change the world... even though neither knows how to play guitar yet(they don't learn til the VERY end of the sequel)
But... if their music changes the world but, they're about to be split up so their band never forms... and the only way to save the future is for someone from the future to go back and help... well, think about it. That future would not have ever happened. Those people wouldn't have existed, that future wouldn't have existed, to go back in time to fix this problem. If those teens were doomed to fail history class and then one was going to be sent to military school... well, that was the course of events and it would have let to a future without their music. See the problem?

BUT... that's not what I really want to discuss today. I want to discuss the quote from that movie...
"Be excellent to each other... and... party on dudes."

The quote brings a little humor when you hear Abraham Lincoln saying it. It SOUNDS like a nice thing to say right? I mean, we should all be excellent to each other right?
There's a problem with that line of thought or teaching. At least the party on part. You see, in this world today you have a LOT of people that want world peace... I mean, MOST people of all walks of life and beliefs want that. Other than some mean people that want to rule the world by any means necessary, MOST people actually want to live in peace.

But in this world, we have a LOT of people that want life to be one big party. Let's all just have fun and do everything and anything we want to that we THINK will make us happy. The problem is, those things do NOT make us happy and often lead us to a LOT of negative feelings that can then lead us to... yep, not being so excellent to each other.

We have people today that are pushing the idea that we need to all get along and just love each other... end of story. That sounds all noble but if you look around you'll start to notice that a LOT of the people saying these things are actually NOT treating others so nicely themselves. We have division in this world like I've never seen in my 40 something years of life. And much of that division, bitterness, anger, and even hatred is done in the name of finding peace in this world.
Weird isn't it?

What's the problem? Why can't we all get along even when we claim to be trying? It's that pesky division that we ALLOW into our lives... and, it's a lack of unity in beliefs... in faith... in God.
The bible teaches peace and love, even more than the world does... the same world that seems to HATE what the bible says.
The problem is that the world wants to PARTY ON and, well the bible has guidelines in it that they just don't want any part of. This causes all that anger, frustration, bitterness, and even HATE.
Hey, you ought to be more loving you _______. That's the way the "tolerant" world speaks today.
They want a party... the bible teaches morality... so, we have conflict.
Years ago, much of the world actually respected Christians even if they didn't agree. I'm not sure where those days went(or how they went so fast and violently) but that's another subject I suppose.

Humans have desires... what the bible calls desires of the flesh. We want to do anything we can to feel good... to have fun...
Could such a message bring world peace? Absolutely not... sadly.
The idea of doing whatever is pleasing to yourself FEEDS our human selfishness and, that selfishness is what breeds bitterness, hate, and anger. Without morals to guide us, we're lost. We do what we want, just because we want to... How does that not sound like a spoiled child?
There are parents today(and, well throughout history) that give their children what they want... let them do whatever they want... trying to be the child's friend and all... because somehow they think that's how you "love" someone. But, that is NOT the case. Loving someone does NOT mean "live and let live" or letting people do whatever they want, etc. It just doesn't... With parenting and even with peers, loving someone can and should include correction and teaching... We really are lost without guidance... but the world doesn't want any of that judgmental mumbo jumbo. :(

I do wish I could convince more people(Christian and non) to really study the wisdom of the bible with an open mind. King Solomon was said to be the wealthiest and wisest person ever... He had EVERYTHING he wanted... he wrote in depth on this. He did EVERYTHING he wanted to do... anything that was pleasing... He had multiple wives... he drank... he said he didn't deny himself anything... and in the end he found it ALL utterly meaningless.

How is that possible? Today's "educated" world teaches us that we NEED to do whatever makes us happy... right?
Do you see a lot of happy people today? I see people getting grumpier and grumpier every day.
Pretty much NONE of the desires we have... when satisfied and entertained... none of them actually bring fulfillment and joy... All that stuff makes us feel good for a moment...
Should we "party on?" The world sure is trying that philosophy and so far, it's not getting us anywhere.
As long as we're living in our "party on" mentality... we will never be able to succeed at being excellent to each other. We just can't...

why? Because we are ALL different... and most of the partying world claims to embrace those differences WHILE trying to silence anything they don't agree with. Religion and politics complicate this stuff but, every one of us is completely responsible for our own actions and attitudes... and, there's a LOT of attitude in this world today.
IF getting out, having fun, serving ourselves was really so beneficial and left people feeling fulfilled and happy... then people would be content and feel secure and not get so ANGRY and HATEFUL when someone disagreed with anything they said.

The truth is simple... Only a relationship with God is going to bring you peace and leave you feeling fulfilled. That is... an actual relationship where you study God's word... and all His guidelines for your life. There's SO much wisdom in the bible that is there to guide us... not to control us but to teach and guide us for our own good. Parents don't teach children to look both ways before crossing the street because they want to control them... but because they know what's best. So it is with God. What is in our best interest, what's best for us, is NOT living a self-serving life where our aim is to just be "happy" and have fun. Life's not a party... life is TOUGH. That's reality. Learning how to walk through life in a way that leaves us content is VERY different from simply going out and trying to have a party.
I could go on and on with this subject but this is getting long enough already.

NONE of this is to say that we're not meant to have fun in life. I'm not as much of a party pooper as some people might think. I like to laugh and have fun. I have activities that I enjoy greatly. But, self-serving things of this world leave you feeling empty. I eat more ice cream than I ought to... because it tastes and feels so good... I just LOVE it. I wish all my food could be served in ice cream form... ha. But, where would that get me? fat and unhealthy. And, NOT satisfied. Quite often, indulging in your desires simply leads to more and more want... it leads to anything but peaceful contentment.
Enjoy life... you can enjoy life without it being a self-serving "party."

But finding the right balance in it all... living with SOME form of guidelines to morality... it's necessary... if your life is a big party, it's really difficult if not impossible to actually be excellent to each other. We can try and try but we'll continue to fail... because, too often, our own pleasure and joy is more important than the peace and well-being of others.
This is more evident when it comes to simple beliefs. In this "tolerant" society we live in today... if I simply declare a single passage from the bible, there are a LOT of "tolerance" preaching people that would actually start to threaten me. People suggeting that others leave the country or be met with violence, etc...
We've missed the mark... the balance is WAY out of shift.
Be excellent to each other.......
If you're not a Christian and you're struggling with this message... if you REALLY want peace, I have some advice for you... from my lips but, inspired by the words of wisdom taught to me through God's word....
be excellent to each other. If you want to live a life that TRULY feels good and fulfilled... do a little less of all the stuff you want to do and, serve others. Volunteer somewhere if you want to REALLY feel good... and, strive(like, really, really work hard) to actually be excellent to other people EVEN when it's "those people over there" that believe something that horrifies you.
You know... the person with a red hat that wants a wall... EVEN THAT PERSON is someone that you NEED to be excellent to...

This is actually what the bible teaches... it teaches to love EVERYONE... to love our enemies(yes, even them, though none of us ought to consider each other enemies) and to pray for those that would do us harm.
When our minds are SO focused on self... Hey, I can do ANYTHING I want... NOBODY can tell ME what to do... when we embrace that selfishness, it becomes impossible to truly love and be kind to everyone around us.

But, I promise... I truly promise(money back guarantee) that if you start being kind to EVERYONE(even those liberals... or those conservatives... or....) you'll start to feel something pretty great. You will start to learn what peace actually is. You'll find hope in the world. it's there, waiting for you.

So one last time...
Be excellent to each other... no ifs, ands, or buts... the joy and perhaps a new kind of party will come to you. It will not be a boring world with nothing to do. Trust me.

I really do not think I articulated things the way I really wanted to... too often, the thoughts in my head sound so brilliant and revolutionary and I want to share them with EVERYONE... then I type them out and, I feel like something got lost in translation. I do hope that some of this made sense... at least a little. :)

Peace my friends.

"But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee:"
- Job 12:7