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This is a comparison I’ve hinted at in other conversations before... and, it probably sounds weird... but I hope people will read and consider some things. If not the facts as a whole, the basic idea I’m sharing.
I’m about to tell you what this note is about... and when you read what it's about, I hope you wont run away. It's not the typical story on this subject by any means.

The topic? Global warming?
Okay, I've written about this many times and, most people don't want to hear it. It's either all true, or it's all wrong. People have a hard time hearing other thoughts on the subject. And that's a sad thing because it's not a bad topic to discuss and to consider a variety of ideas and information. :)

Today I want to compare the warnings about global warming to bible thumping. Of all things right? You see, while it's not as common today, years back it was very normal for people to "witness" to unbelievers by threatening them with the idea of hell... doom and gloom. That should sound comparable right away I would think.
I don't honestly know what kind of consequences people will actually receive if they don't choose to believe in Jesus... but, I do know there are consequences to denying Him. So, there is a real threat there. Are we going to convince people they need to accept Jesus by SHOUTING at them and telling them they're going to BURN FOR ALL ETERNITY!!!? Honestly, I can't say that's a good tactic. It may also not actually be accurate.
Wait... what? I'm not going to paint a clear picture of this because honestly, I don't have one. What I do know is that the teachings of the bible are a bit vague on many topics and, people that are smart and well intentioned kind of put 2 and 2 together to come to many conclusions. Sometimes it's quite sound... sometimes, it's a stretch. The bible doesn't QUITE spell out that, if you don't accept Jesus today... you're going to burn in hell for all eternity. I'm still what I'll call a beginner when it comes to the knowledge of the bible and, I could be wrong on some things here... but, I don't recall much of a picture of a lot of flames burning people up forever. There is one mention of a lake of fire where the "beast" is thrown into it...
And sure, there are warnings about eternal separation and Jesus denying us in front of God, etc... These are real and serious things but, We shouldn't exaggerate them and, that shouldn't be how we reach people. It's info that's good to hear and weigh but, in all honesty, more people reject the bible because of those kinds of teachings.
"Hey you... you sinner... don't you know how horrible you are and that you're going to DIE?????"

Honestly, does that sound like a good way to reach people?
The truth is, that works sometimes. Some people are "scared straight" as they say. Some people make decisions out of fear. Is that really the proper and only motive? It shouldn't be. Yet even today, some people try to scare people into believing. In today's world, especially, this is not effective.
And, we should actually want to be effective.

So, how am I relating this to global warming?

MUCH of the "education" about global warming has been just as much doom and gloom. Starting with Al Gore threatening that the ice caps would all be long gone by now. He was wrong, of course, but he tried to scare a lot of people. Today, many global warming alarmists are still using those tactics... sometimes citing very flawed data. Like "facts" about how many species disappear from the planet every day. The number sounds quite scary but, it isn't accurate as it represents unknown data. The scientists that report this admit that but, in a way that it's a minor detail that alarmists overlook. They literally factor into their numbers species that MIGHT be disappearing that haven't been discovered yet.
That's flawed data.
global warming itself cannot be proven in the way that scientists and proponents put forth. A group of VERY intelligent and well intending people have done studies with LIMITED data and come up with conclusions that are not 100% reliable. Al Gore proved that with his predictions...
______ is going to happen if we don't do ______. We don't actually know all of that. The earth is big enough but the surrounding atmosphere is ENORMOUS and, our feeble minds really aren't capable of factoring in all the data we have and the unknown variables and coming to a rock solid conclusion. I mean, scientists themselves say the weather patterns go through cycles that we don't fully understand. We cannot predict what the weather would do all on its own from year to year so how can we be sure to what extent our activity impacts that? The truth is, we really can't with any accuracy. There's a LOT of guesstimating going on... a lot.
But, that doesn't stop people from throwing around those scare tactics...
and like bible thumpers, these people honestly mean well but they really do just push a LOT of people away.
Those that are already inclined to believe information from certain sources are taken in FULLY and anyone prone to turn disregard info from such sources is going to shut down and not hear anything further.
Literally, this is like trying to scare an angry atheist into believing in God. It wont work.

All over the place here right? It's all connected.
I don't believe ALL that "science" teaches about human impact on climate because it's just not possible to make those claims with accuracy. So, people trying to scare me isn't going to "open" my eyes to what they're shouting.
So, I'll often attempt to talk with some of these people and try to get them to see it's ineffective. "I'm right, you're wrong" doesn't win arguments... it just doesn't. And if what you're trying to argue really matters to you... you really should take into consideration how effective you actually are in preaching what you have to share.

Another similarity, perhaps just a normal human condition/behavior, between the people that accept either doom and gloom message... many believe just to believe and take no action.

There have been MANY people that accepted Jesus just to feel safe and secure and right... and then... their lives didn't change.
The same can be said for MANY proponents of global warming. They accept the info... get MAD, demand government action, YELL at anyone that doesn't accept this info... and then... well that's it for many of them. They don't stop being wasteful. They don't stop traveling just to travel. Many people don't actually change... they wait for someone else to do it for them.
It's kind of... sad in a way. I'm not sure that's the word I'm looking for.

I like to find middle ground on a lot of topics that people, for some reason, don't want to hear. Quite a few years back I tried to have a discussion with a brother... and I said that it doesn't matter if global warming is real or not, we don't have to look at that to see we're actually hurting the planet. He couldn't hear the compromise in my words... the acceptance of a truth that humans actually harm the planet. He couldn't hear it. He just kept saying "but it is real." EVERYTHING I said, that was his response.

And my actual beliefs is why I'm a bit passionate about this subject. I'd love it if many of the alarmists would stop being alarmists and focus on the PILES of data that is easy to prove to everyone.
I can point to a pile of trash and say "look at what we're doing..." or rivers that are being poisoned by waste from hog farms and things of that nature. Animals, like bald eagles, that are doing better but still in danger from things like lead poisoning from ammo and tackle.
The list is LONG of the things that are easy to prove and discuss. And, it can be done without yelling, pointing fingers, and being hateful.

As a Christian, I don't believe my position on this planet is to dominate nature but to care for it. That's biblical. We were left in charge of this planet... not as our playground but as our home and, our responsibility. So, I think caring about the planet and worrying about pollution is all stuff that Christians SHOULD do...
And so... I want the people that now care about the planet to keep on caring about the planet but to also look at other things... look at the people they're trying to reach... look at other facts, other data, other info.

Lots more thoughts on this but... in the end... if you have a cause, something you want more people to hear and believe... if it's THAT important to you, it's important enough to consider how you treat other people when you share it.
whichever way you believe when it comes to any of these issues... None of that is the purpose of this note. It's not about what you believe or proving it... it's about how you treat other people in your "quest" to "educate" others.
Thump thump... is that working for you?

On the one hand, I personally find people to be more important than causes. But if you think your cause is a life or death matter, if you tactics or your method in educating people doesn't work... it's very much worth rethinking. Think about it. In the end it goes back to, people are more important. If you're not treating them right, you wont reach them.

Well, I hope that made as much sense to you as it does in my own head. :)
God bless everyone. Peace to all.

"But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee:"
- Job 12:7