Let's go swimming

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Let's go swimming

Post by millipede » Sat May 16, 2015 6:44 pm

Thought of the day...
Would you let your children walk around town in a bra and underwear?
Would you walk around town, or a mall, or anywhere else dressed that way?
How is a tiny bikini any different? How did we let our batching suits get SO skimpy? Some bathing suits cover lass area than some undergarments... but, walking around in your underwear is not exactly acceptable is it?

I understand that the majority of people are going to shrug this topic off... after all, I am questioning the norm again. How dare I question something that EVERYONE does..... :roll:

Some people would try and suggest that women should not be looked at as sexual objects or, well there are many ways to phrase that. The idea is sound but, this is the world we live in. Our society has certain rules... not actual rules but, the ways things simply work. Through tv and media(especially) we are taught to have desires of the flesh... (as the bible would put it)
Most people, whether they would admit it or not, wear certain items for the sole purpose of looking "attractive." That's the function. Many women go out of their way to buy fancy things in order to look "sexy", but then are opposed to the idea of being "objectified." And.... many of the people that are opposed to being objectified, still look at others with lust. We have SO many double standards in our society...
But, I wont get into that too much.
My biggest concern is for our children... However, we do need to look at an important question... why are some things in life okay for us but not our kids? Are they REALLY okay for us?

Let me explain a little more about my concerns over dress. We've really, really been desensitized. Many years ago, people would be in pure shock if you had a dress that was higher than your knees... many years earlier, if more than your ankle were showing. Today, people literally flaunt their bodies... and nobody is ashamed of the behavior.

The truth is, people do have desires and lusts. And while we are responsible for our own actions... Well...
If you had a purse or wallet so full of cash it was hanging out the sides... would you place it on the ground out in the open with random people walking around? Would you place it there in the open if known thieves were walking around the area?
Chances are, you would not.
When you dress immodestly, people WILL be "checking you out." What kind of attention are you looking for in life?
Unfortunately, you can't control what kind of attention you get when you choose to dress a certain way. And here is where I'm going to get even more serious...
I could speak a bit more no the dangers involved with adults... but, I'm going to focus on the dangers with how children are dressed. Our media and society are increasingly sexualizing children. This is problematic for a variety of reasons... it teaches things to the child.
But what I want to focus on at the moment is a bit more serious than that even. That is... who is looking? I've spoken out about sharing pictures of children(especially nude or partially nude) online. You do not know who is looking... you just don't. Even among friends and family, you do not know who is looking. Most people that are victimized are attacked by people they know and often are related to.
Thinking that someone you know, love, and may even be related to might be capable of nastiness is not something anyone wants to think about... and chances are, you do not have anything to worry about. But sadly, there are far too many people out there that we do need to worry about and too few people actually worrying.

Let me ask... Would you dress your child in a skimpy outfit and take them to a beach that was known to be visited by pedophiles? Of course not? I could ask all sorts of rhetorical questions there. You just wouldn't do that. If you had a pedophile living right next door to you, chances are you'd be pretty scared just to let your kids play in the yard.
But, we dress our kids up in the skimpiest little bathing suits and bring them to public beaches... where ANYONE could be watching.
Criminals, thieves, pedophiles, rapists, and so on do not walk around wearing a name tag saying "hello... my name is ______ and I'm a pervert..."

So, why do we put so little on our kids and parade them around in public in this way?
The answer is... that's just what's done. Something I say frequently is that humans simply do what is done. They color in the lines and follow the rules that society dictates... too often without question. And because I am questioning the norm, society, and perhaps YOU... chances are you've gotten defensive and are automatically inclined to disagree with me or think I'm just paranoid. But, I pray that you will take all these things into consideration.
If you're an adult and you dress in a tiny bikini... I promise people are "checking you out..." ask any guy you know. You're showing off your body and people are looking. As messed up as it sounds... the rules are no different for children. You don't know who is there, who is watching... or even photographing.

Sadly, we've been conditioned to think that we MUST dress a certain way. Certain things become "in style" and there seems to be no way around it.
The VERY few people that might agree... many will say there are no other options. When you go to the store, you have little choice but to buy whatever the designers have decided was "in" this year.
In case anyone has read this far and cares... I want to tell you something. You do have a choice and you do have the power to change things.
If more people cared about modesty and shared their voice, the people selling clothing would take note and they would sell you anything they think they'll make money from. In the meantime, there are plenty of alternatives... some are more expensive but, they're out there. You CAN buy modest clothing if you REALLY want to.
There are a lot of styles in the stores that SHOULD be changed... it could happen if people REALLY wanted to. You simply don't buy it. The people selling would realize something was up really quickly and change. Sadly, people are complacent. It's easier to go with the flow than it is to stand up and try something different.
But there are times in life when we really should.

You may not agree with my position on modesty but I hope you'll take it into consideration... especially if you have children. They deserve to be protected in this way.

"But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee:"
- Job 12:7