Dear Patriots...

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Dear Patriots...

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Since the Patriots likely wont be reading this, I'll address the few people that will first.

To all of the die hard fans... please, admit that the team can be shady at times, then move on... You don't need to join the opposition and criticize them but, you need to admit it if and when they do things they should not. Fans defend their teams too much sometimes. Nobody wants to admit that the people they love so much could be capable of doing wrong... so, we act like it didn't happen or that it doesn't matter. Yes, the Patriots would likely have still won that game... but that does not make ANY sneakiness okay. Crazy as it sounds, if you ignore such things just because it's YOUR team, you risk damaging your character... by accepting that cheating is okay under certain circumstances,etc. It's not okay and you need to admit that... even if it makes your precious team look bad. Character is of more value than wins and the reputation of your team.

To all of the haters... it's just a game. Are you hating the cheating or the fact that the Patriots did well and you're just bitter? Please think about that. It's important. Why? Because you're unhappy. Is it worth it to be bitter? Truth be told... MOST teams cheat and/or bend/break the rules when they can. How many players use drugs? I'm sure you can think of far more things teams and players do that are shady... and, if it was YOUR team that had been caught with some less than fully inflated footballs... would you still be THIS upset? Think about it. Yes, the Patriots are not always pure and I will admit that... as a Patriots' fan, I am disgusted by it. I'm disgusted by every team that does such things... then again, I'm also disgusted every time a player(ANY player) is in someone's face with this "hey, check out how awesome I am" attitude. It's disgusting... but, that's another topic I suppose.
Since this news came out, players from other teams have talked about it not being a big deal... and several players have talked about ways in which they've cheated over the years... why isn't anyone up in arms hating those players and those teams right now??? The ones that admit they cheated, and nobody cares? Think about it.

To the NFL... maybe it is time that the teams are not allowed to have their own balls for the games? Have the NFL be responsible... and all balls can be used by all teams... meaning, whatever footballs they have there, people have to just deal with it. I say this because, this has been an issue before. Rather than just impose a fine, why not take away the ability for that to happen all together? Personally, I think rather than team balls, just having NFL balls would be perfectly fine. One set standard that all teams simply have to get used to. How difficult could that be?
OR... if each team provides their own... if you're going to stick with that... how about after the balls are inspected, you keep them away from the teams til they are actually used on the fields? That certainly could not be very difficult to do. Think about it.

Now, dear Patriots... the players, the coaches, and all the staff.
You're a disappointment. I know, you're super rich and my simple words here likely wont impact you. But, I have to type them out anyway. To you and all the teams and players out there... cheating is disgusting. It's saddening. IF you did something you're not allowed to in order to get an edge over another team... you then have absolutely NO place bragging about being better... For in the game and in character, you are not. If I was in a boxing match and had brass knuckles and the other person did not... could I brag about being a better boxer? If I was in a nascar race and I deflated everyone's tires but my own, could I brag about being a better racer?
Cheating is cowardly. It shows YOUR fear. Yes, I get it... you want to win. You want the championship and the money and the glory... blah blah.
What's it worth to you?
And, you are sending a horrible message to our young people. You, the coaches and players, are teaching children that it's okay to use drugs to be better... or, cheat to win. To be dishonest.
You see, fans just about worship their teams. That in itself bothers me but that's yet another topic... but, you have millions of people captivated... watching... praising... cheering... hoping for that win. These people... these lowly nobodys that, let's face it, pay your salary, are influenced by your every action. YOUR character is influential and has the POWER to change other people's lives. Almost sounds like I'm making a bigger deal out of this than I need to? I'm really not. You NEED to know how disappointing your behavior is when you cheat.
I am not your average fan I suppose... but, people really do want people and teams they can look up to and respect. I sincerely hope you will consider these things and WHILE focusing on winning... try focusing on being honest and respectable. I'll still be rooting for you guys in the Super Bowl but, I have no respect for cheating and cheaters.
I do not know who deflated those footballs... but, the accusations you face deserve a better response than simple denial... It is difficult to believe you were unaware of it... and even IF you were... why don't you investigate so you can be part of the solution rather than pretend nothing happened? Take responsibility and develop some character here. Earn some respect. I don't give respect to someone because they're better at something or they win more. I, personally, give my respect to the people that are respectable. The people with good character.
I hope and pray that you will learn these things. Best of luck to you.

"But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee:"
- Job 12:7