Are you choking to death?

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Are you choking to death?

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Interesting title? Let me explain it.
Recently I posted a status update volunteering my ear to anyone that might need to talk. I believe it's EXTREMELY important for people to talk about things... really. I was thinking about something earlier to which I could relate to it...

When I was younger... I really don't recall when(I have trouble remembering time)... I learned in school about the Heimlich maneuver and such health related information. One thing I learned(or at least, was taught) was that women were more likely to choke to death because if they were choking on something, some would be embarrassed (not wanting to make a scene) and go to the bathroom... I guess to try and deal with it on their own? At any rate... I don't know how common it is or was but, apparently some people DIED because they were too embarrassed to get help while physically choking on something.

Now... most of us today would still be embarrassed but, know that choking is serious and... I believe that most of us would try to get help ASAP. I mean, there you are... something is stuck in your throat... you can't breathe... and the thought of dying is running through your brain. How many people REALLY would go hide their problem in another room? How many would be more likely to draw attention to themselves to get the help they need?

Sadly, humans do tend to fear what other people think and most of us HATE it when people are looking at us. VERY VERY few people are willing to raise their hands and say "hey, I need help over here..." Because we're afraid. Afraid of people staring at us... Afraid of people judging us. So, far too many people choose to go hide in the bathroom and try to deal with things on their own rather than speak up... take that risk by being vulnerable and say... Hey, I need help.
Guess what......
Most people need help from time to time. Depression, anxiety, stress, worry, addiction... you name it. You're not alone. Those things are extremely common... far more than most realize.
But... when we go into the other room and try and hide our struggles from other people... we really do take the risk of choking to death. People do actually die from depression...

You know, some people(not enough) ask for help when they want to quit smoking... or, lose weight... or... well, there are some struggles in life that are less taboo to talk about and seek help for. But the whole "mental" health thing... some people(the ones that are lying to themselves about their own sanity) don't believe that mental illness exists. And because there is such varying degrees of acceptance and understanding... many people choose to hide their struggles because they're ashamed of them.

If you are someone that is struggling in life... please, seek help. I came to a realization years ago that, I have been facing some problems my entire life and I had tried repeatedly to just "get over it"(as some people would so kindly tell me). And I realized that, I could not do it on my own. Hey, I've spent a few years getting counseling and opening up to friends and... I STILL need help. And you know... that's okay.
You will find people that will judge you and look down on you... but, you will also find people that understand and can show you love. You CAN find hope. You really can.
Ever feel like you can't breathe? Like you're choking to death?
What is more dreadful to you??? The thought of continuing on in that misery... that struggle? Or, that fear of having someone judge you if you open up to them?
I've had pastors judge me.. I had a missionary ask me if I ever used drugs... It's difficult to not feel judged and offended by such people... and, they are out there. But out there you will also find people that will embrace you... will lift you up and encourage you... or, simply offer an ear and a shoulder to cry on.
If you're struggling right now... I promise, there are people in your life that would cry right now if they had a clue what you were going through... people that LOVE you and want to help you any way they can. I beg you to find those people wherever they are... take the risks... there may be times you'll feel shame and judgment... it's tough but you have to shrug(or cry) those ones off and move on. There is help out there for you.

I'm going to post this on my website and then share it on facebook.
I want to write "share this IF you know anyone that is struggling"... but the truth is, you do know someone that is struggling... whether or not you know that they're struggling, I promise there are people in your life right now that are struggling so I encourage you to share this. Open up your heart, your ears, and your shoulder to those around you.
I'm not perfect... I will let you down and we might not always get along... but, I am here for you if you need me... and I promise I'm not the only one in your life that wants to help. So, reach out. While I don't always see and feel it myself... hope really is out there.

"But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee:"
- Job 12:7