Soapbox rules...

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Soapbox rules...

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Well, I don't know if this is worth starting an entire topic about but, I would like to explain somewhere the purpose and "rules" of this section of the forum.

I was just thinking of starting a topic about something and the best place I can often think of for some of my posts is the "porch talk" section. But as I thought about it I realized that I created that for simply general chat. And some of what I type up is blog-like material... long and opinionated stuff. When I start talking about politics or something, it's definitely a different type of discussion than simply talking about someone dressed funny at the store, or something far less significant and serious.
Maybe some day I'll actually create a blog but for now, I think I'll continue to post in this manner in the forum... Seems people read blogs more than forum topics but, I'm not entirely sure why as forums are more open to discussion rather than simply having things available to "comment" on.
What feels better to you? Reading a blog where you can "comment" and maybe the author will read it? Or... a discussion where you are a valued part of it? Eh... Just my 2 cents worth.

As for the rules... since it is sort of like a blog type of outlet for me, I have it set so that only I can create new topics... but, they remain open for people to discuss or comment.
All other forum rules apply... just be kind :)

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