Millipede's bird sightings...

Create and share a complete list of all the birds you've seen. :)
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Millipede's bird sightings...

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I thought about creating a list of the birds I see in my yard each year but today I decided to just start a life list.
Basically, just a list of all the birds I have identified in my lifetime. I will, when I can, add locations and pictures. I will edit this as often as I need to to keep it accurate and up to date.
I hope you enjoy. (I also hope you'll share your own life lists.)

  • Snow Goose
    Canada Goose
    Mute Swan
    Muscovy Duck
    Wood Duck
    Blue-winged Teal
    Ring-necked Duck
    Swan Goose (Domestic)
    Northern Bobwhite
    Wild Turkey
    Common Loon
    Pied-billed Grebe
    Neotropic Cormorant
    Double-crested Cormorant
    American White Pelican
    Brown Pelican
    Great Blue Heron
    Great Egret
    Snowy Egret
    Little Blue Heron
    Cattle Egret
    Green Heron
    Black-crowned Night Heron
    Yellow-crowned Night-Heron
    Black Vulture
    Turkey Vulture
    Bald Eagle
    Cooper's Hawk
    Red-shouldered Hawk
    Broad-winged Hawk
    Red-tailed Hawk
    American Coot
    Spotted Sandpiper
    Solitary Sandpiper
    Least Sandpiper
    White-rumped Sandpiper
    Pectoral Sandpiper
    Ring-billed Gull
    Herring Gull
    Rock Pigeon
    Eurasian Collared-Dove
    Mourning Dove
    Yellow-billed Cuckoo
    Greater Roadrunner
    Barred Owl
    Common Nighthawk
    Chimney Swift
    Ruby-throated Hummingbird
    Belted Kingfisher
    Red-headed Woodpecker
    Red-bellied Woodpecker
    Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
    Downy Woodpecker
    Hairy Woodpecker
    Northern Flicker
    Pileated Woodpecker
    American Kestrel
    Peregrine Falcon
    Eastern Wood-Pewee
    Acadian Flycatcher
    Eastern Phoebe
    Great Crested Flycatcher
    Eastern Kingbird
    Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
    Loggerhead Shrike
    Blue-headed Vireo
    Red-eyed Vireo
    Blue Jay
    American Crow
    Fish Crow
    Purple Martin
    Tree Swallow
    Northern Rough-winged Swallow
    Cliff Swallow
    Barn Swallow
    Carolina Chickadee
    Black-capped Chickadee
    Tufted Titmouse
    Red-breasted Nuthatch
    White-breasted Nuthatch
    Brown Creeper
    House Wren
    Marsh Wren
    Carolina Wren
    Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
    Ruby-crowned Kinglet
    Eastern Bluebird
    American Robin
    Gray Catbird
    Brown Thrasher
    Northern Mockingbird
    European Starling
    American Pipit
    Cedar Waxwing
    Louisiana Waterthrush
    Black-and-white Warbler
    Prothonotary Warbler
    Nashville Warbler
    Common Yellowthroat
    Northern Parula
    Magnolia Warbler
    Yellow Warbler
    Pine Warbler
    Yellow-rumped Warbler
    Yellow-throated Warbler
    Yellow-breasted Chat
    Eastern Towhee
    American Tree Sparrow
    Chipping Sparrow
    Field Sparrow
    Lark Sparrow
    Fox Sparrow
    Song Sparrow
    Swamp Sparrow
    White-throated Sparrow
    White-crowned Sparrow
    Dark-eyed Junco
    Summer Tanager
    Scarlet Tanager
    Northern Cardinal
    Rose-breasted Grosbeak
    Blue Grosbeak
    Indigo Bunting
    Painted Bunting
    Red-winged Blackbird
    Eastern Meadowlark
    Brewer's Blackbird
    Common Grackle
    Brown-headed Cowbird
    Orchard Oriole
    Baltimore Oriole
    House Finch
    Purple Finch
    Pine Siskin
    American Goldfinch
    House Sparrow
    African Fish Eagle
    Grey Crowned Crane
    Marabou Stork

"But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee:"
- Job 12:7