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The other day I met a

Posted: Fri Jun 19, 2015 9:10 pm
by millipede
Bear... Well it was a couple weeks ago now actually but, I forgot to mention it here. Someone had just seen a bear in our town a week or so prior... and I was jealous. I had seen bear tracks before... and been places where someone has seen one before... but, I had never seen a bear in person... outside of a zoo that is.

But a couple weeks ago my oldest daughter and I were birdwatching about 90 minutes from here... with a local Audubon group. We were headed out near the Buffalo River here in Arkansas to track down some birds we needed to find... My daughter and I are "birders" and we're trying to grow our life lists. The Audubon group was hoping to see some cerulean warblers... And thankfully... we got to see them. Those are declining and are not easy to find... small birds that hang up up in the thick tree tops... Anyway, we got to see those plus a few other interesting birds we were hoping for. It started out to be a great day.
Then... climbing out of someone's truck... I dropped my camera... right down to the dirt road and then... it rolled down into the ditch... the ditch filled with muddy water... BROWN water...
Water actually got into the camera so I took the batteries out right away. So... I did not use that camera the rest of the day. Thankfully, the camera is still working as of the last time I turned it on.

A while later (after lunch) we headed to a place that had a cave... it's a really cool place I had been before but my daughter had not... MOST caves are closed because of the white nose thing bats are facing... but this place had a cave that apparently was open because it didn't house the kinds of bats they're worried about. COOL place... lots to mention but, I wont go into detail right now.
Shortly after starting down the path we heard... well... sounded like a stampede. A deer running through the woods sounded like a mouse compared to what we were hearing. My daughter said "Dad, that's a bear..." I had to step to the side to see it... it was a bear indeed... running up the hill away from us. It went up a ways before it stopped and looked back at us for a minute. It was pretty exciting. We had a great day... I really wish I had a camera to take a picture of the animal but I'm happy to have seen it.
Anyway... that's it. :)