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OH deer...

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2012 1:09 pm
by millipede
I have not uploaded any pictures yet but I uploaded some videos to youtube of some deer we've been seeing in our yard lately...
A week ago my oldest daughter half woke me up to tell me she saw deer in the yard. My first thought was "So" as it was before 7 and I was tired. But then she said there were babies so I got up and looked. I'm glad I did. We saw at least 3 does and at least 2 babies. The babies appeared to be young enough that they were still relying on their mothers... Well, one of the mothers, you could see her udder... apparently "udder" can be used for more than just cows. :) Anyway... I'm pretty certain she was still nursing but it was big enough it was around eating weeds and such. (all of this is within about 50 feet of the house)
Here's the first video of the deer... First two videos were taken from the back door... I managed to open the door a crack without spooking them... and then I held the camera at the top of the door while I took pictures and video. (My arm hurt for the rest of the day after holding i up there for a while... kind of odd...)

Here's a mom or two...

And here are the babies... (I just LOVE the spots...)

A few days later we saw a baby by itself. I watched it for over an hour and never saw a mother... This happened a few different days. One day I decided to go outside and managed to get out the door while the baby's head was down. My oldest daughter came out the door with me. When it looked up and saw us, it looked uneasy but did not turn and run. Instead, it moved a little closer to us. At one point I held out a bowl of peaches and it took two steps closer to us. But, it didn't give in to temptation and eventually ran off. Was amazing to watch. That was the longest I've ever stood that close to a baby deer, that's for sure.

Are they cute or what? :)
Just the other day we saw a baby and a mom together in the garden again. I THINK it's the same baby that we saw by itself but, I really don't know. How many baby deer could be hanging out around here?

Re: OH deer...

Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2012 5:10 pm
by slhester37
GREAT videos! Thanks for tagging me. Spots are so cute! We've seen a couple babies w/momma deer across the street this year. You have to be up late at my house to see the deer out though. Well, most of the time. Exception is a couple of times we have witnessed them running down the street, through the lot and into the ravine behind our neighbors home.

Re: OH deer...

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2012 4:14 pm
by millipede
Glad you like them. I'm still surprised that you see as many deer as you do, where you do. I just have a hard time picturing that neighborhood having enough, I guess land without houses on it to support deer. I don't know that area super well but, I just picture seeing them more around the edges of town, not inside as much.
Glad you get to see some though... as long as they're not bugging your garden or anything.

Just got back from the window and, there's at least one baby up behind the garden right now. We really need to finish the fence on that one of these years. Of course, if the fence was up we might not see as many. They ate a few tomatoes for sure but I still love watching them... and, we still have some tomatoes growing so it's not all lost.

(Hey, this says you joined the forum in 2008 but, this is your first post.... )