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As much as I LOVE snakes, I don't go out looking for them nearly as often as you might think, or I might like. I've been in Arkansas for more than 11 years and I may not have seen a copperhead before this. I saw a snake that I thought was one once but, I'm not 100% sure that's what it was as it was before I was really aware of what we had around here... and how to identify them.
It's kind of crazy that I wouldn't have seen more, since I love snakes and there isn't a shortage of them around here. But, I just haven't seen them. I see far more rat snakes and water snakes and such.
Oh well...

Wednesday night I was driving home from church with the kids and I took the "boring way" according to my son. I take a side road instead of the highway... it really isn't any longer and I love it because there's no traffic at all and lots more nature. Anyway... I was glad I did that night. Not far from where I got on the road, there was a snake just sitting there. If I didn't stop, I would easily have run it over. I love snakes, even the "bad" ones so that wasn't an option. I REALLY wish I had my camera with me... but, I had my wife's cell phone so I got out and took a couple pictures. The pictures didn't come out very good but, at least I got evidence... I took a few pictures while one of my kids was warning me not to get too close. I told them it was venomous and that made them nervous for me. I know a snake's striking distance/ability and I was careful not to get too close. When I was done, I dragged my food near it to scare it away. It slithered off the road... it slithered a lot like a sidewinder... LOTS of movement without getting far very fast. Before that, it was just sitting there the whole time I was taking pictures.
Anyway... I was glad I got to see it... and glad the encounter didn't happen in my yard.
So... here's a picture of it. I wish it was better but it's all I got.


"But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee:"
- Job 12:7