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global warming

Post by millipede » Sun Apr 01, 2012 8:24 pm

Please check your political affiliation at the door...

In case you wonder why I said that, well, that's the biggest reason I'm even writing this. Politics ruin a lot of things, including an honest discussion. Your opinion is often swayed in one way or another by your political affiliation.
In the case of Global Warming, if we are to use stereotypes(And I am) Democrats believe in global warming, republicans do not. I'm sure there's many exceptions on both sides here but, that's the general consensus on the issue. Why is there such a debate? I'll tell you, this frustrates me very much as I have had my brother tell me that only liberal tree huggers like himself care about the environment. That was a big load of political garbage. I promise you, as a conservative, that's just stereotypical rubbish. I am a conservative, technically speaking. And I happen to be more environmentally aware than my brother or most people, never mind democrats, that I know. Caring about the environment should NEVER have ANYTHING to do with your political party. To me, that is just foolishness.

So, global warming.
You see, a democrat made those words famous. And because of that, many republicans automatically decided it was rubbish. After that, many democrats proposed all sorts of legislation. Well, many republicans do not want new laws that would cause problems(I'll get to that) so they decided "well, global warming isn't real so we don't need those laws".
I am more or less making this up, I've not heard a person say things quite like this, this is just how I interpret what I have seen and heard from some. The people yelling the loudest that global warming isn't real have all been conservatives and I honestly can't help but wonder if this is why.
I've said it so many times and I'm going to continue to repeat it... I hate politicks. It's almost like a click in high school where the jocks wont play with the nerds, etc... it's just plain stupid. Before you judge my harsh words as I again say that it is pure stupidity... I am not calling each and everyone one of you stupid... I am merely saying that certain aspects of human behavior that we ALL possess is stupid. It is foolish for us to make decisions based on who we know and like rather than our own honest to goodness opinions on a matter.
Eh, I could go off on a tangent on politicks here but I'm going to get back to global warming...

Does Global warming exist?
This has been debated a LOT and multiple "scientific" studies have been done with varying results. Here's what I know and what I think about it.
Enough scientists have shown that the "ice caps" are melting. Less and less ice at the north and south poles could only occur if things were getting warmer. If things were not getting any warmer at all, how do you account for that? Does that mean I believe in global warming? Let's just say, something isn't right. Does it mean that I believe that our pollution is causing global warming? I honestly cannot say. For the moment, the fact is that there IS evidence that global warming is real... What it is caused by is still up to speculation... whether you choose to believe it is real or not, that is up to you... I just hope that your decision on the matter has NOTHING to do with politics. DO NOT choose to believe or disbelieve based on what your candidate believes... that is just nonsense.

Now about laws... The democrats want to put in place legislation that would FORCE a LOT of companies to lower their emissions and such. This lowering is not a bad idea in itself. Less pollution is a good thing. However... the reason Republicans are opposed to such legislation is because of the effects, mostly the costs. The majority of businesses are not in any way prepared to handle such changes. The electric cooperative we are customers of has even written about it. If laws were to change forcing them to make changes, the price of electricity would go up and likely not by a small amount. A LOT of things would go up in price and it would hurt a LOT of people. So because of that, republicans end up with this attitude of "global warming must not exist". And I have to say, that's a horrible attitude to have. I don't know if there is a middle ground on the subject but it must be found... Our economy is not prepared for more burden..
But... I'm going to say that we also cannot afford to just ignore the environment.

I'm trying really hard to not get angry while writing this but, the politicks involved in this just make me SO mad.
The truth is, and I mean the absolute truth is that we do NOT do a good job of taking care of the planet. Right away, I know at least some republicans are getting defensive. You see, we're all conditioned in a way to have certain feelings about things based on what our parties believe. But I am stating as absolute fact, we do not do the best job of taking care of this place. If I could list EVERY way in which we are doing a poor job, I'd be writing for a lot longer than I've ever written before... and I've written some LONG notes.
We pollute and waste in SO many ways it is absolutely ridiculous... I am sorry my republican friends, but that is the truth. We NEED to do a better job of taking care of this place. You don't want new legislation? Start thinking of other ways to improve things. Every little bit counts.
I've seen friends making fun of obama for endorsing electric cars... this too is nonsense. This should not be about obama or any other political figure. The people that are making such vehicles... AT LEAST THEY'RE TRYING. Seriously... Now if the democrats try to FORCE me into buying such a car, that is BAD... that does not mean that electric cars are bad... or that the idea of trying to improve this is bad. How on earth can you argue Against trying to make the world better? How? You can argue all you want about the methods... but don't argue the cause. We NEED to make this world a better place, somehow.
(ah, the kids are distracting me a little so I apologize if this isn't completely organized)

I know at least a few people that MIGHT read this that just know they know SO much more about politicks than I do... you know, they're correct. I don't know a lot. Much of what I do not know should not even exist if you ask me though. I'll say yet again, politicks should not have any impact on how people feel about the environment. Politicians have a talent for screwing things up anyway.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Those words have never been more true. We need to start taking better care of this place. We dump garbage and chemicals everywhere... All sorts of chemicals pumped into the atmosphere... One could literally write a book longer than the bible on all the different chemicals and such that we just dump out wherever we can. I'm not going to go into every thing I can think of... But if you cannot think of some things yourself, browse the internet for a while. We are a very wasteful, carefree kind of people.

Just remembered one other thing that I really wanted to write about that has a lot to do with this topic. That is, oil...
This is yet another ridiculously political debate. Where should we get our oil from? The republicans say we should dig here and wherever we can here. We have TONS of the stuff and plenty of places to get it. The democrats say "NO WAY, that might cause pollution". This too is somehow a political thing. How many democrats really care about the environment enough that this is how they really feel on the matter? I suggest that like other things, it's just sticking with party lines... and it has to stop.
I want to pollute less... more than the average person. Our family saves electricity as much as we can, we recycle, we do a lot... but I say, DIG... and I will tell you why I feel that way.
It's not about money either, for your democrats that are appalled by this idea.
Democrats don't want to dig here because of pollution. Well let me tell you about pollution. First of all, you seem to have NO problem letting someone else pollute their country while they drill... (for the record, we get MOST of our oil from North America). Now I want you to think about what happens next to this foreign oil.(politicians keep using words like "dependent on" but we're not dependent on it).
They have to ship it here... I do not know the miles in shipping but, I just used a site to calculate how far it is from saudi arabia to miami florida, just for an estimate. This estimate is for flying, in a straight line... something a ship would not be able to do. It was just under 7,500 miles. I wonder how fuel efficient an oil tanker is. ha.
Whatever type of fuel they use, it isn't going to be good. Their BIG and bulky and slow. I did a super quick search and didn't find a ton of details. One person said they didn't know about an oil tanker but that they worked on a coastal gas tanker that burned 350 gallons of diesel every hour. Think about that for a moment. Oil tankers might burn something else but, they have a LONG way to travel and I guarantee they burn a LOT of whatever they use. A LOT. Just think about 7.500 miles, give or take a few hundred... You know they're not going to get 30 miles to the gallon, not even 20... just think about it. A LOT of fuel, of whatever kind, is going to be burned in order to get oil here from another country. A BIG expense and a BIG source of pollution. Think of all that fuel being burned just to transport the stuff.
On top of that, there is more pollution involved with shipping oil. Large boats like that have various other ways in which they pollute. Ballast and other tanks are used and can be quite hazardous. Ballast tanks are used to balance the tankers. Sometimes the same tanks that hold oil on one part of the journey will hold water on another part to make sure the tanker weighs a similar amount. That water is often pumped into a not so clean tank and is later just dumped out into the ocean with more than just minute traces of oil in it. Other tanks hold other waste, sometimes hazardous, from the ship and can often also be dumped right into the ocean. It's a VERY dirty job for sure...
While we do get the majority of our oil fairly locally, we still do get enough shipped in that it poses a legitimate environmental hazard.
So why dig more locally? To start with, it would actually cut back on pollution. We wouldn't have to ship as far so we'd waste less. That alone should have the democrats(that claim they want to save the environment) thinking about it.
I'd like to also add, JOBS... More local fuel means more local jobs... something our economy could definitely use.
Now to make the democrats happy, I will say that I do hope and pray that we find better ways to save the environment. We've started using LED bulbs where we can as they save a LOT of electricity... less electricity used, less coal burned, etc...... There's LOTS of ways that everyone, regardless of political party, can make a difference.

In short...
Democrats... Keep loving the environment BUT, don't do so JUST because you're a democrat... don't follow everything your party tell you... and find ways to improve things that will actually work, that people will accept without having them shoved down their throats...
Republicans... Don't base how you feel on a subject on your opposition to democrats. If democrats say the sky is purple, you don't need to say it's orange... (it's actually colorless by the way) Don't oppose democrats desire for environmental legislation by saying "eh, the environment is fine".

People, think. Stop thinking about what party you are a part of... and just think in general.
I'm not entirely sure I got my point across like I wanted to, not sure I got all in that I wanted to... but I'm going to leave it for now. Before you jump on this and tell me how wrong I am, I hope you'll think about it and think about it honestly... think about it and come at me with something other than political rhetoric... That's all just mumbo jumbo... may sound good, but it doesn't always make sense... :)

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