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Siloam Springs Recycles

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2012 1:15 pm
by millipede
I was just looking at a page on our town's website. Found some info on how much was recycled in 2010. Unfortunately, it only lists the paper/cardboard. It doesn't mention the other things that get recycled there.
We take a LOT of plastic and glass containers there and other people do as well. They only accept two types of plastic, hdpe and pete, but it's better than nothing... and those are the most common for grocery packaging(milk jugs, soda bottles, etc)
We used to take our steel cans there but eventually started taking them to a metal recycling place that's just around the corner from the transfer station. The metal place pays for metal. We're not raking in tons of money but it's nice to get a little back for our cans and such.

Anyway... here's a report from our town. It shows how many tons of paper/cardboard were recycled in 2010 and the impact that had. ... ycling.php

In short... our town recycled 699.30 tons if paper/cardboard.

11,888 TREES
2,867,130 KWH of energy
4,895,100 Gallons of Water
2,308 Cubic Yards of Landfill
41,958 Pounds of Air Pollution

Our town has a population of around 15,000 give or take. And that is what we saved for 2010. I can also say that not everyone recycles. A lot more people could here.
A LOT of towns out there are much bigger than ours. Imagine if EVERYONE recycled...
Think about those numbers... Think of your own town... think how those numbers would be different if everyone in town recycled... think about those results added to every other town in the country that recycles. It makes a big impact.

A while back I emailed our church to try and convince them to start recycling. I was noticing how many people threw their bulletins right in the trash there every week. I don't know what the numbers are each week but I'd venture to guess that at least 100 bulletins are printed every week(I do believe that is a LOW estimate) and if you count how many are thrown in the trash every week... that's over 5,000 a year. That's a lot of paper and that's not even counting the other scraps of paper and office waste. I was told that my suggestion would be passed along but nothing ever came of it. :(
I'm thinking that our church could recycle a LOT of paper and other products... and our church is right around the corner from where you drop that stuff off.
And... our town has a LOT of churches. What if they would all implement some sort of recycling program? The impact would be huge.

Some people are too busy (cough cough LAZY) to bother with it. Some don't think it's important... I sure hope that more and more people get involved with recycling. It is far more important than people can see.

Re: Siloam Springs Recycles

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2012 1:18 pm
by Nicki
I've thought of recycling, but I never do it :oops: We do reuse paper at work though and use junk faxes, etc. to make copies for in-office use.

Re: Siloam Springs Recycles

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2012 1:59 pm
by millipede
Well, reusing things is helpful too.
Recycling isn't difficult... especially once you start. Just takes a little conscious effort to start it.
We don't have trash service where we live so we have to bring our garbage into town (same place we recycle). We have to pay something like $1.50 per bag we bring. So... recycling saves us money... all the plastic, glass, and metal that we don't put into our garbage bags saves us from paying that much more for what we dispose of.
And like I said, the metal actually earns us money. Around here, some people go around looking for junk appliances and such to recycle them. You can get like $20 for dropping off an old dryer or something.
What you can save and what you can earn adds up... It's definitely worth the effort.

Re: Siloam Springs Recycles

Posted: Wed Aug 21, 2013 2:30 am
by mariasam
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Re: Siloam Springs Recycles

Posted: Fri Aug 30, 2013 6:35 pm
by millipede
Interesting... You start of ATTEMPTING to sound like a sincere person that is interested in this site(you said blog, this isn't a blog). This is obviously a spam comment. The purpose, I never know... though, sometimes you people come back and edit your posts to put your spammy links in. :/ Anyway... Your email address is ALL over the place on sites listing spammy emails. Your IP is from Queensland and matches a bunch of other spammers that visit. And I've seen far too many of these copy/paste posts. You didn't receive a call from a friend... nobody has ever called someone and said "hey, you need to check out Backyard Fellowship." All of that was easy enough for me to see through... but the rolling eyes smiley? That implies sarcasm... in other words, it's like telling me that you were not sincere in what you just said. Anyway... your account has been deactivated. :)
Gotta love RANDOM replies from people that have NOTHING to do with the topic. HA

Back to the topic. I just went to the link and they don't have any facts there anymore. I'd be interested to see if they had new statistics. We still bring quite a bit of stuff to be recycled. It is especially good to bring metal objects to the metal recycling place. We recently brought a bunch of computers and such to a place(that was about 40 minutes from here) and got some money for it. It wasn't much but those old electronics were just sitting around taking up space. So nice to get rid of them, especially to a place that can do something with them.