Zelensky calls Russia a "terrorist state"

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Zelensky calls Russia a "terrorist state"

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Zelensky calls Russia a "terrorist state"
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyสล็อตใช้วอเลทsaid in We will give this as a gift with the development of the technology system. You can attend this event from the Play Slots menu on our web page. There is no sign-up or sharing. Credit will be given. You can easily bet without worrying about how much capital will be burned from the autoplay demo account. I don't regret playing it all. You can try any game. as you like a newly released video that The world must officially recognize that Russia has become a terrorist state.

Zelensky also reiterated his call for further sanctions against Russia. including sending more armed aid to Ukraine. and declared an air no-fly zone over Ukraine

The Ukrainian leader also stated that Only real safeguards to Ukraine will be a precondition for the success of any negotiations with Russia.

Zelenski emphasized that For him, the priorities of negotiating were extremely clear. ending the war providing a guarantee of stability Sovereignty and territorial integrity A true guarantee to our country and true protection of our country