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BYF on YouTube

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>>BYF on YouTube<<

I love nature and, I love nature videos and pictures. Why not do more with that right?
actually, this is mostly about sharing my love of nature but, it's also with the tiny bit of hope that this website can make a little money some day. Ads on this site are adding up to pennies so far... like just a few. IF I can do things right on the youtube channel, we can eventually monetize the videos with ads. That will take a lot of time and work though. Apparently, in the last year or so, they changed the rules.
In order to monetize a video, your channel has to have been watched for at least 4,000 hours(yes, 4k) and have at least 1,000 subscribers. We have zero so far. :(
So that will take some time and hopefully not more effort than I'm able to put in.
At one month and 100 subscribers the channel can get a custom URL. That will have to be our first goal.
Please go check out the channel and let me know what you think. What needs to be done to make it worth people's time, etc...
I'd like to see it succeed.

Eventually I need to work on my own channel that will mostly be me singing and playing guitar or something. I have ideas for another youtube channel that will be like an advice column but I'm not sure about that one yet... and my kids have some ideas in the works for a silly channel of their own. I have a feeling that their stuff will get more attention. we'll see.

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