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Updated the software again today. Also added a couple of extensions... which was kind of cool.
With the older version of the software they didn't have extensions... they had "mods", or modifications.
The Mods had step by step complicated instructions for installing... they were complicated and how long it took to install them varied.

With the newer versions of phpbb, they have something called "extensions" instead... they do the same things but installing them is EASY... You simply upload a folder or two, to you server... then go into the admin panel, find them, and enable them... Then you can go change the settings you need to... but, SO much easier than it used to be.
I installed a few today... one is obvious already... the others I will have to mess with before they become apparent.
They come out with new ones every now and then... some I'll like, some I wont... so, we'll see when I try any others out.

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