A couple new features

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A couple new features

Post by millipede »

Each of these mods were supposed to take less than 10 minutes to install... took me a lot longer than that. :roll:

In your user control panel, you can now put in your facebook info so a link to your facebook page will show up in your profile... and you can choose a national flag.
I planned on adding a youtube link as well today but, these took a lot longer than I planned and, I haven't been feeling well... so I need a break.

I have lots of plans to keep making this site better. I just don't always get to them... but, I'll get a little done here and there.
At the moment, I have a guestbook section open for guests to post in. I'm finishing up on an actual guestbook. Once that is finished, the current guestbook section will turn into a redirect probably.

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