Mass email?

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Mass email?

Post by millipede »

Well I just emailed everyone on the site. An entire 22 people :lol:
I kind of hated doing that, but it seems I've been the only person looking at the site lately. Where is everyone?
And I did want to let people know how things are growing and changing.
At the top of the page you'll now see a link for the "HOME" page. I didn't have a link to that before. You may be interested in checking that out some time. There's not a ton there, but there is information about a concert I'm holding next month. Even if you're not around here and can't come, you may still be interested in checking it out.
After the concert has taken place, I do plan on putting some information on there about how it went. Maybe even a few music videos from the concert, and I will probably mention how much money we raise. It should be a good time. I wish more of you could come.

Anyway... have a good look around if you haven't in a while. Feel free to ask questions if you have any... and offer suggestions if you have any of those.

Oh... Sometime real soon I will be placing an advertisement for the site on my minivan. :D
So everywhere I go, people will see a link to this website. I'm hoping that will draw some people in. I think this site has a lot to offer and I think it could really be something if we could just get some more active people visiting. So, I plan on working hard at getting those people here. I'm glad you're all a part of that :D

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