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Rules of the house...

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This list of rules and regulations can be changed at any time.

While I do not intend this site to be for Christians only, I do have certain beliefs and morals that I would like to be respected. Most of the things I ask have more to do with respect for your fellow members than they do with any beliefs I might have:

1. No foul language. It can offend many people including children that very well might be browsing this site. Any cursing will be edited out and warnings will be given before any further action takes place.

2. Do not use the Lord's name in vain. Another inappropriate thing that can hurt fellow board members. Again, anything deemed inappropriate will be edited and the member will be given a warning.

3. Adult/pornographic material will NOT be tolerated. Violators will be banned immediately.

4. Spamming is NOT allowed. If you have something you want to sell, provided it does not go against any of the other rules of this site and is not found to be inappropriate in any way, you may post ONE time to share your product or service. People who have a product or service to offer must also be an active member here. Joining the site just to post a link wont be tolerated.

5. Respect each other. One of the greatest commands in the bible is to "love thy neighbour as thyself." You don't need to believe in the bible to realize the importance of this rule.

6. Respect must also be shown to any administrators and moderators.

7. While I am a Christian this message board is mostly for "backyard fellowship..." In a way, I am and will be quite biased. I will tolerate people asking for and offering prayers. I will tolerate people discussing the bible and church related stuff. However, I will not tolerate any slander at all from Christians or anyone else. Any posts attacking the bible or any Christian members will be deleted. But I will not tolerate any Christians attacking other members either. So do your best to keep civil.

8. Private messages will not be monitored on a regular basis as to respect your privacy. However all of these rules apply to your pm's just as they would the rest of this board. If someone says something to you in private messages that is inappropriate or makes you uncomfortable, please tell a moderator or administrator right away.

9. Debates regarding racial issues, homosexuality, evolution, abortion, and possibly some other dangerous topics should be avoided. Anything found inappropriate will be deleted immediately and the offending party will be warned.

10. Try to enjoy yourself...

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