Good Oils: Coconut Oil, High Oleic Safflower Oil

feel free to share your healthy recipes... (no junk food here)
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Good Oils: Coconut Oil, High Oleic Safflower Oil

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Just wanted to turn you folks on to some good oils to cook with:

You can use coconut oil in recipes that call for butter - it acts like butter or lard...good for pie crusts, cookies, etc....I have an awesome recipe for chocolate frosting I'll share later that uses it....Although you may find the occasional person who doesn't like its flavor.....

High Oleic Safflower Oil, has even more monunsaturates than olive oil, which is good. The refined stuff is good for high-heat cooking, such as deep frying your own stuff (and we do enjoy it on occasion) and the unrefined is good in recipes where a light oil is desired, such as mayonnaise - see my recipe.....

Both these oils - (actually any GOOD fats) will LOWER your cholesterol!

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Re: Good Oils: Coconut Oil, High Oleic Safflower Oil

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primarily, because it's healthy and at most grocery stores, we only use olive oil. We got away from using all the bad stuff years ago... I've read too many bad things about it... all that hydrogenated stuff... I've read a few websites that claim there was no type 2 diabetes before hydrogenated oils came out... regardless of the truth in that, it is bad stuff...
And what is really sad is the government and the media are just starting to realize this. That's one of the things that frustrate me most... We create sooooo many things and wait way too many years to realize it is bad for us... so then we'll create something else to take it's place and wait another few decades to realize that too is most likely bad.
I've been criticized for trying to eat healthy... I don't know what's wrong with people... the funny thing is, when it's on the news or Oprah, all of the sudden it makes sense to people... but when it's coming from a health nut, people dismiss it as lunacy... oh well I guess.

There was talk on the news today about New York City trying to BAN all those bad oils from their restaurants. I'm sure something like that could have a small impact on the cost of a meal there... but it would help a LOT of people.
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