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some nature today...

Posted: Sat May 24, 2008 12:30 am
by millipede
Well, we ran into town today just to go to the farmer's market and the library.
Just down the road from here we (my daughter and I) saw a box turtle crossing the road. We got out and assisted it to make sure it stayed safe.
I should take this moment to explain what to do if you see a turtle crossing the road.
Only stop if you can do so safely. While it's nice to help turtles, your safety and the safety of those driving on the road are quite important too...
Anyway, if you can pull off and help the turtle along, make sure that you get the turtle to the side of the road it was headed towards. Turtles sort of have territories, or areas in which they live. They will travel to specific areas to breed and lay eggs, etc... If you move it to the side of the road it was coming From, it will just end up trying to cross again.
Also, don't haul it away to another location as it will likely try to find its way back and could end up having to cross many roads and may go without food during the trip.

Anyway... The farmer's market is at the park right behind the library, so that works out great.
There's a creek there too. We crossed a little bridge that's just for pedestrians. I looked down into the water and we saw a juvenile, not quite full grown, snapping turtle. It then found a place to hide but was pretty neat to see.
Next I saw a water snake. This guy and his kid were walking towards us and I pointed to where we were looking. The guy was on the phone and I heard him say "yeah, there's a snake down here... looks like a copperhead". :roll: :roll: :roll:
That's the first reaction of most people... they just assume any snake they see is bad.
Well.. I'll give him some credit, it was a light color that could partially resemble the color you could see on a copperhead... but only a little.
Anyway... I told him it was just a watersnake. A young one at that. If it was a copperhead the body would have been quite a bit fatter... and, there were other differences that I wont get into at the moment...
I looked around some more and we saw three more watersnakes right around us under that bridge. I loved that.

Closer to the library we stopped and watched some bees. I'm not sure what kind they were... maybe mason bees, or something that resembled a bumble bee maybe...
Anyway... we watched them as they just hovered around a flowering bush. One around one bush, another around a different bush. They'd just hover until something flew by them and they'd chase it off... then, they'd fly right back to where they were as if they were protecting this bush... it was interesting...
I was telling my daughter that most everyone else would walk by the area and not even notice the bees, never mind the behavior. I also told her if we don't stop and watch things like this, we wont ever learn about them.

Anyway... it was a fun day I thought... It could have been a few degrees cooler, but otherwise a nice day. :D

Re: some nature today...

Posted: Sun Jun 01, 2008 7:48 pm
by Nicki
sounds like y'all saw lots of critters LOL.

Re: some nature today...

Posted: Sun Jun 01, 2008 8:14 pm
by millipede
yeah... there's lots of nature ALL around us quite often... and many people just don't take the time to notice it.
I'm hoping what I'm trying to teach my kids will rub off on them.