fake email addresses

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fake email addresses

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I was mildly excited thinking someone new signed up overnight. Normal enough looking name. Then I saw example.com as their email host. The thing is, example.com is, well, an example. It was created for people to use that as, an example.
In short, it wasn't a legit email address.
Many people sign up to things online with fake email addresses. The problem with places like a forum like this is, we have it set so that you need to be authenticated via email. Your account will not be activated until after you receive an email to activate it.

Maybe a spammer attempt? or, maybe someone trying to join without using their real email address... I don't know.
but if you do want to join, you need a valid email address in order to do so. LOTS of spammers try to join and I have to do my best to prevent that. :(

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