Require anti spyware

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Require anti spyware

Post by ItemaCesmom » Wed Aug 31, 2011 8:49 pm

Wish it's not away from matter, but it can be urgent.
I was afraid from the spyware when browse the web since I ever lost this data, find out professional anti spyware seems an urgency for me personally. Who can help me to obtain the best anti spy ware?

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Re: Require anti spyware

Post by millipede » Thu Sep 01, 2011 10:50 am

I'm always confused by these posts. There's no link in it. No advertisement. So, it's not that kind of spam...
yet, I find it hard to believe that someone, a real person, posted here asking a legitimate question.

But... it's an interesting question. Many people do not have their computers as protected as they should. You NEED a good firewall and a good antivirus program. There are other things that are helpful beyond that but those two are a must.
Any version of windows XP and beyond has a built in firewall that works well. If you're using windows xp or better, you're usually protected fairly well as far as that goes.
There are some good FREE firewall programs out there as well for those that are using an older operating system or that want to use something other than windows firewall.
I have not kept up to which ones are out there these days but I know zone alarm has always been a good free firewall.
I usually download things from cnet. You want to make sure the programs you look at are coming from a trusted source.

Anti-virus software, there's several that are really good and FREE. AVG, Avast, and Avira are among the best free anti-virus programs out there. I'd recommend any of those.

Also of GREAT importance is keeping your operating system up to date... especially if you're using windows. When they update it, quite often there are bug fixes as well as security fixes. Hackers often find new ways to penetrate operating systems and the updates will fix those issues.

I could probably give more advice but, I don't really believe someone is reading this.

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