Super bowl facts

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Super bowl facts

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1. The only super bowl, in my humble opinion, is a large bowl of ice cream. Yum.
2. The national anthem should be sung with respect, by someone that actually respects and loves their country. It should not be an "opportunity" for someone famous to try and show everyone how famous they are. It should not be a performance.
3. Half time shows should go back to the days of marching bands. So many of today's "performances" are ALL about money and fame... and sadly, many of them are filled with social "lessons" they wish to impose on the masses.
(a.) How did we get to this point where we let wild performers shape our society? I could write a book on this topic alone. Humans idolize the stars and are blinded by the fame. This goes back to before my time where women would pass out at the sight of someone famous. Why? Famous people are no better than you or I... in fact, many of them are100% unworthy of their fame.
(b.) Do you watch sports to feel ashamed of your country? To get a sermon from worldly beings? To decide what your morals should be today? Once upon a time, everything about sports was about camaraderie, perseverance, teamwork, and talent. Then again, long ago, we allowed cheer-leading to go from actually cheering on your team to its own performance of vanity.
(c.) We've allowed our half times show to become overly sexualized. Our society has even gotten to the point where a former first lady called a very provocative and poorly dressed performer a role model to young women. This is backwards thinking.
4. I think many super bowls are staged. The "patriots" won after 9/11. Peyton Manning's team just happened to win the year he was retiring. There are many coincidental things that have happened to make super bowls seem to fit with a narrative, often making it feel like I'm watching "professional" wrestling.
(a.) I knew Tom Brady would win. Why? Why do you think he changed teams? He's broken so many different records in his career that, I believe, he wanted to get rings for different teams. Is this a conspiracy theory? Maybe... maybe not.

I skipped the entire NFL season this time around? Why? Several reasons. Number one was I heard talk of SOME people boycotting it because of the whole taking a knee thing. I wish I could write more about that without going off topic too much here. I understand people wanting to take a stand and make a point but there's a right and wrong time and way to do things. The action of not standing in respect for our national anthem has been a slap in the face to a LOT of Americans, many of whom fought for that flag. These people have the fame, fortune, and power to take their cause to another place... taking a knee in a moment of reverence where the respectful thing to do is stand has not done anything positive for our society. It's divided it further. It's created more frustration... in both the people opposing the kneel and in the people supporting it. This has created a fight where there was no fight before... and a fight that has not made anything better.
imagine for a moment, if the players and the NFL as a whole allowed the players to wave Trump flags during the national anthem. That would be their "right" and all wouldn't it? I could go on here... my main point is, sports should be about sports... any activism these people want to do should be off the field.

I have a hard time watching the NFL anyway... have for a long time. I LOVE sports... I mean, I love playing sports and, I enjoy watching pure talent... amazing plays that make your jaw drop...
But then... someone gets up in someone's face and says "hey, look how good I am... look how much better than you I am... Look at my muscles... idolize me." When players get up in each other's faces... when they dance and showboat because they think they're great... when they act like they just won the superbowl after any good play they pull off. I've lost my respect for the game.

I grew up in New England so I've always been a Patriots fan... For many, they became Tom Brady fans... or worshipers. He betrayed his team that he led for so many years and people still idolize and follow him. How do you cheer for someone that abandoned you? He moved on for selfish reasons... his "greatness" has always been about him, not his team. He proved that. So why worship him?
I get that's how sports work... but, why? We cheer for "our team" and then we forever love the people that are only in the game for themselves and not "our" teams. Many years ago, I believe, more people hated such traitors. I know many teams did.

I love sports... a lot... but, I'm different I guess. I never learned EVERY player's names or their stats... I've never been an idol worshipers perhaps? I just don't understand it. I ought to understand it. I mean, I grew up in a generation where people spent lots of money collecting cards with player's pictures on them... Is that not a form of idol worshiping?

For any Christians reading this... how many of you have a collection of cards with bible verses on them that you remember? How many of you know all of King David's stats? His career wins? How many churches did Paul write to?
how many times did JESUS perform miracles?
We don't even idolize our own God the way we idolize "famous" people today. And I see that as a problem.

I truly love sports... but I absolutely hate what they've become. This has made it extremely easy for me to leave the tv off this past season. I honestly don't believe I missed a thing.

Honest challenge for anyone reading this and getting bothered. I know my way of thinking goes against the norm and, anytime someone criticizes something in life that they actually enjoy... it's upsetting. If you're upset by this or disagree with it at all... and if you're a Christian...
I challenge you to watch next season in a more mindful way. I want you to watch every single play, victory dance, fight, commercial, halftime show, and more with something in mind. I want you to ask yourself for each and every moment of each and every game... is any of this glorifying to God? Would I be cheering at this behavior if Jesus were sitting right next to me? Would I be watching this half-time show if Jesus was at my super bowl party?

our society is interesting to say the least... How many Christians go around wearing team jerseys for God? Do you have Solomon's name and a favorite verse on your shirt? How many Christian shirts do you have compared to sports jerseys? How many trump or biden shirts do you have compared to clothing that boasts of your faith?
Where are our hearts today? Where are our minds? What is leading us?
Not that I believe Jesus should be merchandised... but, we seem to LOVE merchandise and, we're advertising. What are we advertising today?

Yes, I'm rambling.
Pro sports has lost all my respect today. I can't continue watching just because I enjoy the game or because I love funny commercials. Sometimes you need to stop and change the channel. What we call sports today is just NOT worth the worship it gets. It's more of a soap opera... full of drama, sex, drugs, and sometimes even murder. Yet we continue to cheer...
Not this fan...

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