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So, recently i have been having a hard time with just sitting down and reading the bible because i wasn't sure where to start and what to read, but then my youth pastor suggested i do a study of Proverbs. It turns out that Proverbs has exactly 31 chapters. so that is one chapter a day, for a month. and what i have discovered, is that no matter how many months in a row i do this, i always get something different out of each chapter, no matter how many times i have already read it. Any one else out there have a favorite study, or chapter, verse, passage, book, etc??

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I'm upset with myself that I never replied to this topic. :/
I know what you mean about reading the bible. I doubt you're still reading this forum but... I hope you're still reading. I have tried many, many times to read through the bible. It's been a struggle. I've started just reading through several times. I tried a study plan(that worked better at the time) but never got all the way through. I struggle with reading anything because my mind just goes and goes and I have trouble focusing. :/
A while back I decided it was time to get more serious. I decided that... As much as I believe and know about the bible, there's a LOT I'm missing. I'm missing something in my actual relationship with God... I'm also missing a certain confidence in my knowledge. If ever I were to get in a deep discussion of my beliefs, I would struggle with pointing out where I get certain beliefs from... quoting/citing or even coming close to referencing, I'd be lacking. For these reasons and more, I decided the answer was to really pursue a better understanding of the bible and that I needed to read through the WHOLE thing... and then do it again and again. It's a BIG book and it will take me a while... my hope is the second time through will go more smoothly... I'm just about done with Isaiah right now. making progress.
Anyway... I loved Proverbs. There's a LOT of good wisdom in there. There are sections where I told my wife it felt like someone took a pile of fortune cookies and taped them together. Just random bits of knowledge pieced together into passages that were not so organized if you ask me. But that's okay. My own brain is somewhat chaotic at times and I can't help but wonder how some of that was written. Did the writer simply sit down and start spitting out wise thoughts? Or perhaps over a period of time many were recorded and later just put together. Either way, there's definitely some GOOD stuff in there.
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