Please read before posting in this section

This section is for anyone wanting to start some sort of bible study meetings at their homes.
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Please read before posting in this section

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Okay, we don't have a ton of members right now. But some day, we might. I know lots of people in lots of places already host what they call "backyard fellowship". It could be something of a bible study meeting or something similar that people might hold in their backyards...
Well, since this is the name of this site I think it's only fitting to have a section for such a thing.
Most backyard fellowships are within individual churches. You can use this website here to organize such meetings in your area with other believers in your area that might not attend the same church as you.

For now, if you start a topic looking to start such a meeting/group, please put your local area in the title of the topic.
If we end up with LOTS of members some day(which I sure hope happens) I will split this section into individual areas, such as states. Hopefully that will happen some day. I'd love to see more people connected locally.

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