July 13, 2008

A new subject or passage each week for all to discuss.
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July 13, 2008

Post by millipede » Sun Jul 13, 2008 11:10 pm

Missions... I have SO much to say about missions right now, I think I'll split it up into at least two parts. This week I'll share some thoughts on WHY missions are important.

Jesus shared many thoughts and teachings through parables. I've always found that lessons that are taught through an example that might already make sense to someone, is more effective than simple fact. And therefore to me, the parables Jesus taught make a ton of sense. And though I'm sure my own examples aren't nearly as good as what's found in the bible, I also like to share and teach using examples from my own life or things that might make more sense to people.

So, missions... why?
Well... to start with...
Here's a few simple stories.

Let's say you're an avid fisherman. You are so good you do well in contests and maybe even star in a tv show about fishing. One morning you're out fishing with a friend, and this friend asks if you want to see something amazing. You're interested, and so you go along with him. He takes you to a part of the river you've never been to before. He tells you to just drop your line in the water, right below the boat. Before you know it, you've hooked something. After fighting it for a while you finally reel in this HUGE, 4 foot long Bass with purple spots on it. You think "wow, this is the coolest fish I ever saw".
Now what? Do you take a picture? Do you bring it home to show people? Put it on your tv show?

Now let's say you're an extreme hiker off on some challenge in the middle of the Amazon. At some point in the trek you get a little lost. While trying to figure out just where you are, you decide to climb a tree to see if you can find any landmarks. Halfway up the tree some sort of snake bites you on the arm and you let go of the tree and fall to the ground banging yourself up on all sorts of branches on the way down. Moments later, you black out.
When you awake you find yourself laying in a hammock in some tiny village. Several people are tending to you. One person is treating your snake bite, which has swollen, with some plants of some sort. Another is wrapping your wounds with leaves. The next day you find yourself completely recovered from it all, even your scrapes are gone. You find it amazing that these simple remedies were so effective and you learn from these natives that they are able to treat even more severe conditions just as effectively. So, what now? Do you leave the jungle and forget all about it? Or, maybe you take a few of the plants with you and tell others of your experience in hopes that it may help modern medicine to find more cures for things?

Now, these are just two simple examples(of many) of a point I'm trying to make.
God and ALL He has done for us is SO much greater than any of these or any other story I could come up with. Any great thing we may find in life... none of them could compare to all that God has done for us.
So let me ask you... why would we want to keep something SO awesome to ourselves?
Ever come across a really cool song? or watch a cool movie, or anything like that? Right away you start telling your friends about it. You're excited about it and want to share about it.
How is it that many of us are not THAT excited about our relationship with God? We should be bursting to tell everyone we meet about Him and His love for us.
Think about that.

Now to some more biblical stuff...
One of several verses most often used when talking about missions
Mark 16:15
And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

I could list quite a few more verses, but let's just go over a few stories you may remember.
Matthew 13 is the parable of the sower. It talks about sowing seed, but the story He is telling is only a parable, and example or illustration describing how different people can receive the words that we might sew in them.
Jesus wanted his disciples to be fishers of men...
Jonah was one of many that was called to go to different nations teaching God's word.
Throughout the bible there are many examples of people who did missions work, or teachings about it.
Plain and simple, we live in a world that is in desperate need of God's truth. It's up to us to share it...

Dear God, I just thank you so much for all that you have done for us. I thank you for saving us from our sin and from the death that we deserve. Your only son was the greatest gift and it's something we could never be worthy of... yet, you still saved us, while we were still sinners.
Lord, all of this is so amazing, so far beyond description. Let us not ever forget it and I pray that we will have the desire and passion to share this love with the rest of the world.

Hopefully I'll remember I want to elaborate on all of this some more next week. A little on what missions can and should entail.

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