Common People

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Common People

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This song is called Common People by a band called Church of Rhythm. There were several songs on that album that I REALLY connected with. One called "Life is Worth Fighting For" which covers a bit of a sensitive topic but it was one I could relate to. Another song I love quoting started out with
popularity's the great dictator with the masses to please. I don't want to be king for a day if I have to give up what I can and what I cannot say...
Lots of good songs.
This particular song is about how much we all have in common and how we really should stop focusing SO much on our differences and embrace how equal we all really are. We're all fallen beings. There are ties that bind us all.
This is a lousy video I made years ago while attempting to host a concert to raise money for my sister who was involved in missions at the time. My friend was there along with a couple he knew, I and my family were there, and another band showed up with a few people tied to them. Outside of that, it was an empty room. But it was still fun.
This song means a lot to me because we are such a divided people... here in this country and, in the world as well... And it's VERY easy to push SO hard to prove we're right about something, that we totally hurt those around us.
So this is me singing it but, I encourage you to search "Church of Rhythm" and listen to this and other songs(as they do a better job than I)

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- Job 12:7