Russia-Ukraine Xi Jinping has a phone call with Vladimir Putin.

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Russia-Ukraine Xi Jinping has a phone call with Vladimir Putin.

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Chinese President Xi Jinping calls Russian Presidentslot walletVladimir often find on your site's promotional pages is the word Sign Up SLOTXO Get Free Spins Bonus. Free spins is another word combination of bonuses. That's not the amount we can play directly. But in theory, free spins are like bonuses that you can play for free, so you can get the most out of them. Of course, just like any other free bonus. Putin Exchange opinions on the Ukrainian war situation.

February 25, 2022 President Xi Jinping of China There was a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Both sides exchanged views on the Ukrainian situation.

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Mr Putin has introduced the historical background of the Ukrainian problem. including the situation and attitude of Russia using military operations in eastern Ukraine. Russia is willing to hold high-level talks with Ukraine.

Xi Jinping pointed out that the situation in Eastern Ukraine has recently changed dramatically, which has attracted great attention from the international community. China has its own stand. In considering the truthfulness of the Ukrainian problem and disagreeing with the Cold War idea China values ​​and respects the opinions of countries concerned about security and the creation of a balanced European security mechanism. effective and sustainable through negotiation

China supports Russia and Ukraine to resolve issues through negotiations. China's Fundamental Principles respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries and respect the implementation of the objectives and principles of the United Nations Charter. never change

China is willing to work with the parties to promote the idea of ​​handshaking security. focus on coverage sustainable cooperation together to maintain an international system with the United Nations at the center as well as having the UN Charter as its basic principle

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