Post-Series Depression. I have finished watching the series and I'm confused. Are you?

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Post-Series Depression. I have finished watching the series and I'm confused. Are you?

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Have you ever been in a series so much, followedxo สล็อตevery Our team recommends that slot games that finish the game as fast as possible usually have the highest return rate. The slower the gameplay, the better. The lower the payout, the 3 reel slot game. Simple, old-fashioned, fast plays several times per hour, experienced, more likely to make money. In general, gamble players often hear stories and rumors about special techniques used to play slots for money, which is not always easy to use the technique to get 100% results, since online slots are fun games, allowing players to enjoy the game until they forget the original goal: focus on making money. episode, came and watched it right away, but when it ended, we felt sad. Depressed, depressed, not knowing what to do next. The mood is still there. This condition is called Post-Series Depression.

Post-Series Depression, or PSD, is classified as a feeling that occurs at a particular moment. It is not classified as a disease or disorder in any way. This condition will feel dizzy, depressed, depressed, and strangely sad, but it's not right to tell your feelings. And congratulations, you're definitely not the only one. Many people also experience PSD symptoms after the series is over.

So how do PSD symptoms occur? Many experts have commented. If summarizing will be as follows

We always feel immersed in the world of the series. make it when the series ends We don't know what will happen next. make me nervous I'm not right
We have such a strong bond with the characters in the series that when the series ends it seems like we have to say goodbye to our best friends.
While watching, the body will secrete a substance of happiness. In the end, this message of happiness suddenly subsides, causing us to feel sad. lonely up
What should I do if PSD symptoms occur? In fact, this symptom soon disappeared. But if you want to go faster, try going on a trip, going to see friends, doing other activities. Find a new story Reading a book might help.

An interesting story at the end, besides watching the end and feeling sad I still have symptoms after watching it and I can't stop watching it again. It's called Binge watch. You can go in and read it. And for anyone who doesn't want to miss out on all the trendy things, you can follow news or lifestyles at INN Lifestyle.