Russia withdraws forces in Crimea after military exercises

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Russia withdraws forces in Crimea after military exercises

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February 16, 2022, Tass News Agency Russian
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authorities reported that Southern Armed Forces in Crimea Region are moving back into their positions After completing the exercises in the region It has been under Russian rule since 2014. Images released by the Russian Defense Ministry show convoys of tanks, armored vehicles and artillery being gradually unloaded from Crimea by rail. and the highway After completing tactical maneuvers

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“An armored convoy of the Logistics Support Unit of the Southern Military District has completed its movement along the Tavrida Highway to cross the Crimean Bridge back to the permanent base. after the completion of normal combat exercises,” the Russian defense statement said.

However, Russian media did not give details of the troops. and the amount of equipment transported back to the base after the completion of the exercises.

the movement of troops back to the base of the Russian army It comes a day after Russia announced the withdrawal of its first troops from the Ukrainian border region yesterday. Western nations continued to voice concerns that even Russia withdrew its troops. But it still has the potential to attack Ukraine at any time.