I was diagnosed with OCD after having my baby

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I was diagnosed with OCD after having my baby

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I was diagnosed with OCD after having my baby


It was shortly after the birth of her son nearly two years ago that Emily McMenamin noticed she was becoming obsessive about tidiness and routines.

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The new mum was fanatical about ensuring Cillian's twin packs of baby dummies were properly paired.

When Emily became convinced that any disruption to her routine would result in her son being hurt or killed she found it easier not to leave her Dunfermline home..

After realising this was beyond the anxiety felt by most new parents, the 30-year-old got help and was diagnosed last year with perinatal Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

OCD is a serious anxiety-related condition and it is estimated that 1,000 women in Scotland will experience the disorder in the 12 months after giving birth.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists in Scotland says the illness often goes undetected and symptoms for new mums can include irrational thoughts or behaviours focused on protecting their baby.