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Connected in Christ webring

Post by millipede » Sat Mar 29, 2008 5:45 pm

I started a Christian webring earlier and after getting it all setup, it THEN tells me that the webring wont stay active without at least 3 sites in it. :roll:
I mean, that makes sense and all... but, how do I get people to find the webring if they can't even see it really...
If you don't know what a webring is, you can go to to find out more... but basically, you join a group of sites that are related to the content you have on your own site. All the sites in the webring have a banner type link they put somewhere visible. Then, people viewing any of those sites can click on it and go to the ring, or go to any of the sites in the webring.
It's kind of a neat thing, kind of like free advertising, and you connect with other sites that you might be interested.

Anyway... I need to find some people with Christian websites that might want to join my webring. If you're interested, you can follow the directions on this page ... --invite--

I hate going around asking people to join, I was hoping people could just find it eventually... but it doesn't look like it will work that way until I have at least 3 sites...

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