SpaceX's Starlink could replace NASA's space telecom network in the next decade.

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SpaceX's Starlink could replace NASA's space telecom network in the next decade.

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SpaceX is one of the companies that could replace NASA's aging space telecom constellation, which has been keeping the International Space Station connected to Earth for decades.For years, NASA's Constellation of Tracking and Relaying Satellites (TDRS) has served as the primary link between the International Space Station and Earth,

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enabling astronauts to stay connected to ground control as well as the ability to Engaging with the public and dealing with their loved ones However, the US space agency It plans to retire six mature satellites over the next decade. This month,

the agency announced partnerships with six commercial satellite operators: SpaceX, UK-based Inmarsat, American Viasat and Switzerland-based SES. To show how they will look after NASA's future space communications needs. "We do not plan to launch any new TDRS satellites in the future," Eli Naffah,

NASA's Commercial Services program manager, which oversees partnerships with commercial companies, told [to the end of life] at some point in this decade We will have some reduced abilities. and the plan is for [Commercial companies] to come, different ways of providing communication services to our mission