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Post by millipede » Tue Aug 28, 2018 9:25 pm

If the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil... is there anything about the prayer over money?

I'm a daydreamer... it can be a blessing and a curse at times but when it comes to financial stuff, it can be quite frustrating. Dreaming of what I'd LIKE is one thing... only being able to dream about things that are a bit closer to the NEED side of things can be frustrating.
Money is tight... always has been. But, we've also always managed to get by so in that, I cannot complain... and in fact, should express my gratitude to God for taking care of us. :) God is good.

Dreaming though... I think of all that's wrong with this home we're in. It's difficult not to. I'll find myself trying to get my wife to not think negatively when she's in a mood to "hate" something about the house, or driveway. I try to have a "we're lucky to have these things" attitude.
Just the same, I will find myself dreaming of things that are yet to come I guess. So many things... the list is long. It starts with one thing... then somehow, a few minutes later you find yourself thinking, we should just build a whole new house. :roll:
parts of the house need new insulation... a part around the skirting needs filled in with cement to keep rodents from getting under the house... the damage they've done over the years, I'm scared to even investigate it. I'm afraid a few sections of wiring don't work anymore because of them. Our ceiling fan and light doesn't work and on the same wall, an outside light doesn't work. The duct work for our central air got ruined by rodents years back... didn't help they connected the two halves with flexible duct that wasn't very sturdy... So we've been using space heaters and a portable AC for some years now which doesn't work as well... combined with the insulation problems... Could use a wall moved... Could "use" a few new windows... there are no windows on the north and south sides of the house. Our back door is pretty much aluminum and styrafoam... weak and not well insulated. In the winter, ice builds up INSIDE the door. A screen door would be nice. Being a manufactured home, the whole thing should be re-framed. We could use a garage and/or storage building... a pool would be nice but not on our need list...
Then there's our driveway which I've asked prayer for before. It's very steep, long, and gravely... it gets worn out... the wife, and other people, spin their tires and make it worse. Sometimes people drive up not knowing where they are and then, back down. ugh... ha.

Then there's my teeth that still need work... and now, my wife needs work on her teeth. She hasn't seen a dentist the whole 18 years we've been married. I NEED new glasses, which means an eye exam as well... man I wish I could just get laser surgery or something... glasses drive me nuts. These ones have had tiny chips in them for a couple years. :( My camera has a mind of its own and it drives me nuts some days. I mean, it really has issues. And, this computer is aging and I've been putting off buying or building a new one for several years.

Our portable AC that we've been using hasn't been working well so I opened it up to clean it out and, well it needs more than just a little cleaning. I don't really even want to put it back on now but it's hot out and, combining a few things like the lack of windows on the ends, the house doesn't cool off quickly enough at night.
That driveway eats up tires... Some carpets need replacing... (living room especially) and, honestly, I'm afraid there will be more if I start to look.

This wasn't meant to be such a long list... this is just what happens when I start thinking about one thing or another that needs to be fixed... and that leads to despair and frustration...
So in all of that... I could use some prayer. We'll continue to get by, things will work out... and God is good... But I still need prayer... that things will work out and/or that we will continue to trust in Him fully and just do the best with what we have.

"But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee:"
- Job 12:7