Backyard Fellowship

Welcome to Backyard Fellowship

I started Backyard Fellowship on a free forum service back in November of 2005. In February of 2008 I decided to purchase my own domain and hosting space and upgraded the forum. So it's a big change since then. So what is Backyard Fellowship about? Well, I love nature and I love God. I wanted a forum where I could talk about all the things I love so much and I especially wanted it to be a friendly community. You can find a link to the forum over there on the left side of the page. On the forum you'll find lots of interesting, outdoor type stuff to discuss. There's sections on gardening, wildlife, photography, and more. And there's a section for things like prayer and devotions. The forum also offers some games and a chat room, amongst other things. Check it out. So, that's a lot of talk about the forum. Is there anything else this site has to offer? In time. On a limited basis I plan on offering some simple hosting and web design. I also like to design wallpaper for computer's desktops. I'll eventually add some interesting articles and links as well. Check it all out. I hope you enjoy it and stick around.

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